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Top 10 Indie Comics – Who Has The Best Comic Books – Bob or Bueller, You Decide. Coffee & Comics 138

The Coffee & Comics Show is your weekly variety Comic Book Show. It’s one of a kind and includes the audience like no other. We show some great comics in our “First & Final 5” segment, We have a rotating weekly topic, We start off Comic Book Wars. Another segment is are “Mystery box honest Reviews” Today we look at Boxed Heroes mystery box. We also do Reviews of new comics in our “Was it Good” segment, and don’t forget our “Random Thoughts” segment where we hit spoilers to the newest TV and Movies and industry news. Honestly thats not it, we also have Giveaways and Robbie’s Pick’s of the week and more… Join my Co-Host Bob and myself (Bueller) every Monday morning at 5:00am PST and don’t forget the coffee.

PTSD Kickstarter

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Comics with Bueller

21 Bình luận

  1. Comics with Bueller
    6 days ago (edited)

  2. It would be nice to see the Black Monday Murders continue💯

  3. This is good stuff, don't care about the competition but i enjoy the conversation

  4. Thanks for putting PTSD Kickstarter on my radar. I just backed cover C and as a vet with PTSD I'm grateful that there are mediums like this to help spread awareness.

    And as always, great show gentlemen!

  5. 10-Bob

  6. Like 270
    Like some people on here….. I'm abstaining from voting because all of you books are great…I actually think I have most of them.
    Loved watching this and the previous episode because it goes a little deeper as to your way of thinking and both your styles of collecting.
    Keep up the good work….really love when B&B is in da house.

  7. Bob just casually spoiling the ending of 'Squid Game' without warning for the two people out there who haven't gotten around to watching it yet is why I love this show.

  8. 10.Bueller (Because I have CGC 9.8 Blue Label of the same book)

    9.Bueller (Green Hornet Rocks)

    8.Bueller (Hot Valley Days Nuff Said)

    7.Bueller (Brett Hess Sub Cover is Cool)

    6.Bueller (Love The Show The Walking Dead)

    5.Bueller (Donny Cates)

    4.Bueller (C.H.E.S.S. I have on my pull list)

    3.Bueller (Todd Father Spawn #1 Iconic Cover)

    2.Bob (Canto beats WildCats by popularity)

    1.Bob (Ice Cream Man over Megaton?!?)

  9. 10..Bueller
    7..Bob tied with the 🐈
    6..Bueller, very close call on this round.

  10. Good morning 🌄.

  11. 10. Bob

    9. Bueller

    8. Bob

    7. Bueller

    6. Bob

    5. Bob

    4. Bueller

    3. Bueller

    2. Bueller

    1. Bob

  12. Bueller wins round 10 bueller win round 9 Bob takes round 8 Bob takes round 7 bueller wins round 6 Bob takes round 5 Bob takes round 4 bueller wins round 3 Bob takes round 2 Bob takes round 1

  13. Speaking of page and cover quality, I swear Dark Horse covers like Last Flight Out and Lucky Devil are a little thinner than the pages or at most the same thickness. They are so thin and fragile.

  14. Week 2
    #10 Bueller
    #9 Bob
    #8 Bob
    #7 Bob
    #6 Bueller
    #5 Bob
    #4 Bueller
    #3 Bob
    #2 Bob
    #1 Bob

  15. Indy Wars..
    10. Bueller
    9. Bob
    8. Bueller
    7. Bob
    6. Bueller
    5. Bob
    4. Bueller but Bob should get a point too!!
    3. Bueller
    2. Bob
    1. Bob
    Another great show 👍

  16. Next week can you post a screen grab of your guys 10-1 I watch the video threw out the week so I forget until I see the book and then I remember what you all said

  17. I really don’t comprehend why bob gets books slabbed to get them cracked to get them signed lol just put it in a top loader until you get them signed. 🤦‍♂️

  18. My choices are based on a mixed decision between how personal the comic in question was to either Bob or Bueller, the story either told regarding the particular book, and my own appreciation of the book.

    10. Bueller, a very personal choice
    9. Bob, one of the best noir books
    8. Bob wins by default because I only collect wholesome books now, and the content of Bueller's is beyond the pale.
    7. Bueller–so nice to have one of his earliest subscribers represented with his art
    6. Bob. I just don't appreciate Walking Dead, and even though I've never read it, Bob seems enthusiastic about Locke and Key.
    5. Bueller because of Bueller's great story about this particular God Country issue.
    4. I don't appreciate Saga as much as others do, and Bueller has such an amazing, exclusive, personal book this round, so Bueller for the win.
    3. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the concept of Spawn, and I really don't like the concept of the Walking Dead. So, nobody. Nobody wins this round, in my opinion.
    2. Definitely Bob. Canto is amazing, riffing off The Divine Comedy. Plus, the auction was for a great cause.
    1. Bob, 'cuz that cover.

  19. Squid Games was great. The tug of war contest was the best.

  20. 10.. Bueller

    9.. Bob

    8.. Bueller

    7.. Bueller

    6.. Bob

    5.. Bueller

    4.. Bueller

    3.. Bueller

    2.. Bueller

    1.. Bueller

    Great show as always!

  21. Some hard rounds this week. Seems I either had no strong opinion or I liked both choices. But here goes.

    10. Bueller
    9. Bob
    8. Bueller
    7. Bob
    6. Bob
    5. Bob
    4. Bueller
    3. Bob
    2. Bob
    1. Bob

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