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Top 10 Manhwa Where MC is Transferred To Another World And Becomes OP As Hell

Isekai is one of the genres that is famous everywhere out of japan. Constantly more and more new isekai manhwa are being brought to us, and we readers can’t get enough of it. The best part of the isekai genre is when the protagonist gets Transferred to another world, they are becoming op As hell and crushing the enemy like an ant. So, here is the list of the best 10 isekai manhwas you’ll love to read over and over again.
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00:32​ Her Summon
01:39​ Other World Warrior
02:42​ Murim Login
04:13 The Second Coming of Gluttony
05:10​ Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good for Nothing
05:57​ Trash of the Count’s Family
06:57​ The Constellation That Returned From Hell
07:57​ Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
08:55​ The Beginning After the End

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  1. ISEKAI –
    the live
    bug player
    omniscient readers viewpoint
    ranker who lives a second time
    the beginning after the end
    Survival story of a sword king in fantasy world
    the second coming of gluttony
    dungeon Reset
    FFF Class trashhero
    mookhyang- dark lady
    trapped in a novel as a good for nothing
    android have no blood
    wizard of arsenia
    player (author: oh hyeon jun)
    crimson karma
    red storm
    doctor's rebirth
    Wizards martial world
    the heavenly demon can't have a normal life
    i grow stronger by eating

    the tutorial is too hard ,
    HER SUMMON , life howling and dimensional mercenary

    world apocalypse online
    try me if you dare
    release that witch
    weakest little monster
    little Skeleton

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    the mightiest manager
    my dad is too strong
    SSS class suicide hunter
    spirit farmer (wholesome)
    tomb raider king
    limit breaker
    villain to kill
    return to player
    990k life Ex hunter
    Seoul station druid
    Dungeon house
    the constellation that returned from hell

    it all starts with playing the game seriously
    it starts with a kingpin account
    rise from the rubble
    king of bugs
    blade of evolution
    advanced evolution

    action , adventure , fantasy world settings
    dungeon and artifacts
    level up alone
    returners magic should be special
    slave B
    the great mage returns after 4000 years
    skeleton soldier couldn't protect the dungeon
    tower of god
    wizardly tower
    epic of Gilgamesh
    the rebirth of an eighth circled wizard
    return of the eighth class magician
    askr yggdrasil's wood
    sword and magic
    seven knights: alkaid
    the lords coins aren't decreasing
    the heavenly demon can't have a normal life
    the dark magician transmigrates after 6666 years
    return of the suicidal battle god/doom breakr
    is there a problem if the demon lord's Goblin
    the story of a low rank soldier becoming a monarch
    the book eating magician

    playing VIRTUAL REALITY GAME types –
    level up , only by eating
    reader (chang han yoon)
    overgeard (reboot)
    taming master
    ARK (author : taeha)
    arcana fantasy
    the strongest florist
    im destined for greatness
    hardcore leveling hero
    ranker's return
    the legendary moonlight sculptor
    the worn and torn newbie
    murim login
    legend of mir (reboot)
    arcane sniper
    sword empire
    my levels are the best

    virtual world combat mage
    rich player
    player reborn

    Im a mob

    highschool , teen , action , bullying
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    second life of a gangster
    life completely ruined
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    mercenary enrollment
    rooftop sword master (extreme)
    reverse villain
    the boxer
    the gamer
    god of highschool
    unordinary (OLE webtoon)
    transfer student storm bringer
    god of blackfield
    boss in highschool
    ultimate legend : kang hae hyo
    dear boy
    get schooled u
    study group u
    daddy goes to school
    highschool devil
    girl from the random chat
    the devil's boy
    legend the beginning
    psycho revenge
    lockdown no escape
    face genius
    A bad person
    amazing ji jiri

    fantasy , action
    the hive
    micro hunter
    revival man
    terror man
    miracle app store
    again my life
    hit point
    jungle juice
    otherworld squad
    movies are real
    real man
    sweet home
    cultivation chat group
    god of pro wrestling
    return survival
    city of dead sorcerer
    heavenly souls
    the boy of death
    locker opener
    from the grave and back
    gosam mussang

    martial art world –
    legend of the northern blade
    the scholar's reincarnation
    the legend of asura , venom dragon
    return of the flowery mountain sect
    nano machine
    the undefeatable swordsman
    peerless dad
    the chronicles of heavenly demon
    mookhyang-the origin
    fist demon of mount hua
    volcanic age
    immortal invisible
    path of the shaman
    moshin hunter
    dawn of the frozen wasteland
    lightning degree
    bowblade spirit
    the strongest ever
    INFINITE leveling in murim world
    yongbyeong maluhan
    sword sheath's child
    the descent of the demonic cultivator

    these are all pretty good , i read all of them
    if you have anything else please give a reply

  2. Thanks finally i remember the title other world warrior

  3. truck-kun never mises

  4. Hi, please tell me what's the title of this manhwa.

    First ch. The mc is the only human alive on earth when the demon god or something came to earth. Then while fighting he pulled a trick thus scarring the demon god before dying. Then instead of going to purgatory or something an angel showed up saying the gods are gonna reincarnate the mc and the one that insisted the most was the demon god bc he cannot forget the fact he was tricked. So he was regressed back in time where he was a slave miner then he gone to a dungeon then killed the monsters then he was pulled out being a slave miner instead he joined being a slave adventurer or whatever

  5. I just realized I read way to much Manhwa I've literally red all of this

  6. It's 4 am is that bad and I haven't slept

  7. You soeund rascist
    I doni't know bout I think you should be cancled
    I sam serioes, not joking

  8. 한국웹툰이 언제부터 유명해진거지


  10. trapped in a webnovel is soo good, it's my guilty pleasure

  11. I hate when girls get in the way or ask to date

  12. Op fact :::Memorize and second coming of gluttony share same Universe and memorize is first in story line .scog is next 😋

  13. I love this channel keep going..

  14. "Not some isekai where the MC was hit by a TRUCK-KUN" XDXDXDXDXDXXXDXDXXXD Im dead

  15. Huhu amm i can ask question ammm where can i read the THE TRASH OF THE COUNT FAMILY😢 i badly wanna read it huhu

  16. Hey do you guys know the name of a manga in which Mc is op and he still lives in earth instead of alternative world , I watched it long ago but forgot its name 🙄

  17. Left thumbnail ?

  18. One's again thank you sensei

  19. where can i read memorize?

  20. Honestly did tbate dirty with the pictures, the art gets so much better with every chapter and it’s a lot better now than it was in the pics he chose

  21. you deserve a dab 👏

  22. where can i read all of this

  23. Memorize and 2nd coming are from the same autor.

  24. TRUCK KUN🚛🚛

  25. The second coming of gluttony is the title of the first thumbnail, the second and third though I probably know of it yet I can't remember the title of this two.

  26. Bestt is tbate

  27. I haven’t heard anyone mention this in the comments but Second Life Ranker is one of the best ongoing series out rn. Cold, op, smart, badass mc. Good story, isn’t repetitive, great art, and awesome power scaling. There’s also a light novel with a ton of chapters if you’re in in to that

  28. The beginning after the end is good cause it's kinda a ripoff of Mushoku Tensei

  29. 6 and 7 are tecnically the same concept taken oposite ways, get transfered as the bad guys of the stories one wants to be lazy and not the bad guy and the other wants to not be the bad guy and op, sad i saw a list that i knew everything but i can vouch for the quality of this list tho, except her summon, too cringe to me sadly xd

  30. If you haven't read "Her summon" yet, then you're missing out on a diamond madudes!!

  31. Omniscient Readers Viewpoint and Beginning after the End was one of my favourite manhwa read
    also second coming of gluttony gets it story really strange after he enters the paradise

  32. 9:08 you are a wizard Harry.

    I remembered this and it got me rolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Trapped in a webnovel as a good for nothing

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