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Top 10 most anticipated NEW Comic Books 3/30/22

Top 10 most anticipated NEW Comic Books 3/30/22

Welcome to the comic book show where each and every Week. Mike Spider-Slayer talks about his top 10 most anticipated NEW Comic books for next week. So whether it’s DC comic books, Marvel comic books, or your independent comic books, take your notes because you never know which Comics you may want to buy for next week, and it is never to Early to start that Pull List for next week!!

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Mutant Beaver 🦫 Comics

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Welcome to Comic Book Corner 2.0 where I your host Mike spider-Slayer has all kinds of fun with Comic Books. I am a True fan who tells like it is. Join Me as I bring you each week Comic Book Hauls, Comic Book Reviews, Comic Book Cover Videos, where you the fans vote on your favorite covers. Also look for Occasional Comic Reviews, Unboxings, and as always thank you for your support

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Comic Book Corner 2.0

24 Bình luận

  1. How is "Shadow Wars" ranked so low at #7? Hulk is overrated.

  2. I am bummed as well about Spider-Woman. Hopefully, she can be put somewhere else soon!✅

  3. Im waiting on siktc 21. I like the Adam Hughes variant. But realistically that won't reach our shores. Thanks for another show, man! Be safe. Mabuhay!

  4. Gutted about Spider Woman. Was a great book. Strong story and great art. Hopefully we get an omnibus.

  5. I want to get the new something is killing the children but it reads better as a trade..

  6. I have dropped literally all X-titles! I am enjoying DC vs Vampires and have been looking forward to the next installment of the Batman White Knight!!!!

  7. I'm with you Mike..Thoroughly enjoyed the Spider-woman book.

  8. Absolutely loving Hulk right now! Great video love it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Can’t wait for something is killing the children . !!!!!

  10. Mike spider slayer has the Hells Angels motorcycle gang outside his house for the video! Lol

  11. I'm so excited for everything Radiant Black/Supermassive! One of the best series out at the moment, along with Nocterra!

  12. Great top 10!

  13. Thank you for the heads up. 🥋

  14. it's gonna be a Something is Killing the Children heavy week for me 😅

  15. I always chuckle at mutant BEAVER…ok I'm 5 so what

  16. Beyond the white knight and ghost rider, going to need those incentives

  17. 11:30 I'm warming to Cates' Hulk

  18. I am all over Rogue Sun.

  19. Big week ahead of us.

  20. Really couldn't get into new hulk and dropped it but I like venom so I'm opposite of you lol. Can't wait for sktc. One more issue of house of slaughter and its over.

  21. I heard that that the Eternals
    Would have done better at the box office
    If they would have advertised with a big green Banner.

  22. Like silver sufer rebirth and im getting the whole run but who the heck thought it was a good idea for thanos of all people watch over the time stone lol what why he's tried to get all the stones tons of times.

  23. Lot of good books coming out$$$

  24. I had a feeling it was coming, but I am so disappointed to see Spiderwoman end. I loved everything about the book, and it was one of only two Marvel books that I am even reading.

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