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Top 10 Most Anticipated NEW Comic Books 4/6/22

Top 10 most anticipated NEW Comic Books 4/6/22

Welcome to the comic book show where each and every Week. Mike Spider-Slayer talks about his top 10 most anticipated NEW Comic books for next week. So whether it’s DC comic books, Marvel comic books, or your independent comic books, take your notes because you never know which Comics you may want to buy for next week, and it is never to Early to start that Pull List for next week!!

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Welcome to Comic Book Corner 2.0 where I your host Mike spider-Slayer has all kinds of fun with Comic Books. I am a True fan who tells like it is. Join Me as I bring you each week Comic Book Hauls, Comic Book Reviews, Comic Book Cover Videos, where you the fans vote on your favorite covers. Also look for Occasional Comic Reviews, Unboxings, and as always thank you for your support

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19 Bình luận

  1. Spider punk is only 5 issues, and im most anticipated for batman, devils reign, batman beyond, moon knight, and x men red

  2. How does Spider Punk stick to stuff? In those covers you showed he always has boots on.

  3. New Sub! Love the Channel! I’m really Looking forward to Spider-Punk!

  4. Thanks Mike, this was a great video!

  5. If Spider-punk had a better writer, I'd check it out. Not a fan of Ziglar's writing though, so will pass on that one. Looking forward to reading Batman. Don't really know what the shadow war is about at this point. Thanks for the preview, Slayer!

  6. Ahhh man I'm so pumped for She-Hulk 3!

  7. am i the only person who is done with krakoan era?

  8. Just got back into comics after years of being away, so Shadow War is my first Batman event since like…Endgame back in the day during Snyder's run. Very excited to see what the current state of Batman is like.

  9. I’m also looking forward to ; Alice Ever After , radiant red , the Joneses, and west of sundown on 4-6 . Hope everyone else too

  10. Little monsters belongs on the hot seat … I had HIGH hopes for issue one and it was boring. Hopefully the next issue starts something up . Jeff Lemiere track record is strong so I’m still on board BUT … I’m money doesn’t grow on trees .

  11. Grabbed Batman Beyond the White Knight. Think I’ll also grab this neo-year book too

  12. Oh man, I’ve got my lists setup for weeks ahead of time and this NCBD is gonna hit the wallet hard. It’s a big week of bangers and different issues I want multiple copies/variants. Moon Knight is always a must. I’m excited for Batman Beyond. Hoping for big things.

  13. I'm definitely on board for Batman Beyond. I'm over DCs backup stories too.

  14. That cliffhanger for Black Widow 14 was CRAZY 🔥 (btw—you should prob given a spoiler warning for that! 😅)

    Def kinda disappointed with Jeff Lemire's #1 issue….#2 better pick up or I'll just drop it also.

    I'm curious with the new Spider-punk 1 issue. Hopefully the interior artwork is good and there's an interesting story😬

  15. Moonknight and batman has been solid books in my opinion. Some of the best consistent art. Joshua Williamsons is doing great in DC. Don't know if batman vs deathstroke is the greatest story told but im looking forward to the overall end result. We got ghostrider #2 coming out I believe and #1 was good. Looking forward to dark ages ,hulk,swamp thing, and siktc. Tmnt & Spider-Man Morales has a first appearance of a suit and character. Good top 10 bro.

  16. DC done pissed Mike off 😀

  17. The new Moon knight run has been my favorite run for last and this year. Also Im getting the current Batman run but I’m just ready for issue 125 with Zdarsky

  18. Agree on the extra story, usually not so good

  19. I cant wait for fire power to come back very underrated. Kirkman is like Jeff lemire always solid if not great

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