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Top 10 Romance Manhwa/WebComics
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  1. relife is from Japan lol it’s manga

  2. I love the first one. It’s not just about love.. it’s help me a lot

  3. Since true beauty already has a kdrama, I'm just sittin here waiting for them to make a kdrama on UnTouchable

  4. I would recommend "A Good Day to be a Dog"

  5. Relife is a korean webcomic??? Well… I really dont expect it

  6. U forgot love like cherry blosm…it has its own league😏😉

  7. Can someone recommend me same manhwa as "The Greatest Wolf of my Life" please 😣🥺

  8. I recommend "Mystical" it's just a new webtoon but the Art is so good that I might cry🤧

  9. Where can I read 'something about us' for free?
    I have been searching for along time, but I found nothing .I really wanna read it

  10. I recommend :

    1st- The black haired princess (the couple is not cringy !! Like in every other manhwa + they're both 16 + the girl is crazy and funny and the boy's reactions are priceless 😂)

    2nd- One day I became princess (I have nothing to say just read and judge yourself 🌞)

    3rd- golden haired wizard (the girl is cool and strong and hates studying👏and for the male lead idk TnT)

    4th- the villainess reverse the hourglass (the heroine is smartttt and pretty and I love her mom actually don't ask me why ok? + the art is kinda bad compared to the first 3 but it's still pretty 💅)

    5th- charlotte have 5 disciples (in this one you'll surely get confused for who you should ship with the heroine or who you should stan the most 💔 it happens to everyone lol 😂)

    •so yeah those are the best of the best for me, so please check one of them believe me you won't regret it okay? Just read the first 3 chapters of any of them and then think of leaving 🖐️
    notice: I've seen Soo many people recommend manhwa like (lady baby) and others soo here's what I think about it :

    -first of all to the one that are into this type of manhwa, I really respect your opinion because me myself I have been into this type of manhwa in the past especially lady baby..

    – but!! Now I personally don't recommend you to read those type of manhwa 😅 because ;

    *the fl is always literally over loved by her family I mean it's okay to be loved but not that muchhhh cuz it will only make the manhwa cringy 🌞

    *the fl is way too young 🙂 yeah like just imagine watching a 5yr old girl falling in love and whatever.. (don't tell me her soul is adult because her body is still young and what we see is the 5yr old girl and not the adult one) tbh this make the manhwa only cringy and no way cute 💢

    *The couple is usually always cringy (sorry I've been using the word cringy alot but I just hate cringy things okay ?) Like the ml is older than the fl with yrs and that is considered completely normal 💔

    *the girl is always cuuute and I don't know what !! like are you serious she can be cute sometimes it's normal but not everything she does is considered cute !! (She smiled OMG CUUUTE, she sat OMG SOOO CUUUUTE, she said hello ARGHHH I CAN'T BREATH) yep that's exactly what happens every time the fl does anything and that's really annoying and cringy as well 💢

    *And last but not least, the fl is always the winner in any case, like we all have ups and downs sometimes we success and sometimes we fail she doesn't have to be so perfect and never loose because it will only make your excitement for the manhwa fade away 💔

    -the few manhwa of this type that I know are ; lady baby, youngest princess, originally a lady with one line, beware of the brothers (here the fl is hated actually but she is still too young for the love she will receive 🌞), I'm a child of this house (the ml is too old for the fl), I sincerly became the Duke maid (fl too old for ml)..and there's also alot that I don't know their names lol 😂
    ✓And yeah so that was my own opinion you don't really need to accept it, just respect it 💅 and I hope that I was some sort of help for you to find good a manhwa to read✨

    ✓Btw guys if there's some manhwa that are similar to the ones I suggest please tell me (I'm searching for a good manhwa to read kkk) 😁

    ✓Oh and for the one who don't know where to read I suggest you to read In a website called manga kakalot 😉 just type the name in google search and it will appears then you'll know what to do by yourself 🙂

    ✓Whatever guys if by any chance you read one of my suggestion don't forget to tell your honest opinion about it (I want to know what do other people think hehehe 💖)
    (And sorry for my bad english)

  11. Whr can I read UnTouchable

  12. Top manga reliased in 2020 https://youtu.be/VZsSu1rujB0

  13. top manga 2020 https://youtu.be/U6l8S6EiWB4

  14. I LOVE YOO is also a very good webtoon <3

  15. What site or apps can we read this?

  16. Any manhwa/manga with bad boy like school popular boy and a sweet or good girl plz tell me!!!

  17. I can't find any of these stories on webcomics is it on another app or something?

  18. R there any other more friends to lovers manhwas?? I really love something about us so I was wondering if there are other manhwas like that :’)

  19. Where can you find the comic "our relashionship is.."? can someone plzzz tell me?!!!

  20. This is gonna get lost in comments but I highly suggest "A world ruled by cats " it's the cutest webcomic I have ever read.

  21. Kakao 79% is so cool but i can only find it up to chapter 175. Can anyone tell me where can i find the remaining chapters???

  22. 'untouchable' is literally a copy of the tv show: I Cannot Hug You. I just started reading it online and five chapters in I can tell.

  23. Is there anymore manga like love like cherry blossom?? Please suggest me??

  24. How about A world ruled by cats? I love it so much but such a sad ending 💔

  25. "Our relationship is…" Incredibly cute ♥️

  26. Any manhwawith happy ending , by the way I read relife

  27. Where tangents meet is so good. I recommend if you like good endings. Also the art is great and the audio is perfect for the storyline.

  28. Love like cherry blossoms and Once more mangasy ❤️ webtoon:Unlovable Replacement and Purple Hyacinth

  29. Can you recommend me a romance manwha with sad ending?

  30. Where can I read cat&dog guys?

  31. Guys watch "close as neighbor" it so good!

  32. How can i put my comic on webtoon

  33. They are all amazing💕 B/W I like UNTOUCHABLE more among all of them

  34. I read all alreadyyyyy owo

  35. What app are you using?

  36. the song is trash

  37. the jinx lover
    secret crush

  38. Where do I read all these manwha??
    I m not getting any in webtoon
    Please help me read these

  39. Where can I read "our relationship is"???

  40. Guyyssss…. Read "The Pale Horse" (its not on the webtoon app though)!!!!!! The artsyle is so dammnnn good although i'm not sure if its considered a romance

  41. you guys need to check out "he loves me" manhwa its so good I can reread it all day long

  42. I really recommend 'Something About us/ our relationship is..' because its a masterpiece!! So many fluff and cuties. I love this so much

  43. untouchable is the first comic that ever made me cry I loved it!!!!!!! k drama also exist based on this comic just different name “ I cannot hug you

  44. Anyone knows title of this webtoon? http://webtoon.daum.net/webtoon/viewer/52959 or where can i read in eng thanks

  45. Where can I find the ones not on webtoon?

  46. My ID name is Gangnam beauty

  47. I think orange marmalade is one of the best

  48. Relife isn't a mahwa and it's not in webcom

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