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Top 10 Romance Webtoons

In this video I will be going over the best romance webcomics, webtoons and manhwa. I have tried my very best to gather all the relevant information regarding these comics. if you have anything helpful to add please let me know and leave a comment below. I love receiving recommendations for comics i’ll always read your suggestions and you might even see it in the next video. Also i know i suck at pronouncing Korean / Chinese names, sorry!

Thumbnail: What’s wrong with secretary kim?

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  2. Down to earth is my favorite comic I finished it in like 3 days lol it had 84 episodes btw it’s still going

  3. I Suggest DOWN TO Earth

  4. Oh god.. I have around 80 of them but I will only name my absolute favorite:

    Purple Hyacinth(REALLY slow burn but amazing)
    Seasons of Blossom
    Morgana and oz
    Nice to meet you
    The remarried empress
    My gently raised beast
    Romance 101
    See you in my 19th life
    The witch and the bull
    Sirens lament
    A good day to be a dog
    Super secret

    I love these!!

  5. I love yoo
    Let's Play
    Tricked into becoming the empress Step-mother( i think)
    Devil Number 4

  6. i highly recommend "phase"!! it's the best romance webtoon story ive read so far. it put me in my feels so much!

  7. i love devil number 4 but it deffiently went on for too long

  8. My favourite webtoons hands down are nice to meet you, freaking romance, seasons of blossom, devil no. 4 and makeup remover, read any and I bet you’ll love them

  9. Was the 1,000th like

  10. Which of them is finished

  11. I loved ghost wife read it a while ago and i was obsessed


  13. "I love Yoo" and "let's play are the best rom webtoon i have ever read

  14. Freaking Romance and Down to earth are always gonna be my two favorite Webtoons

  15. Age matters is so good too


  17. I fucking love ghost wife but the after math chapters were pretty sad and I can't wait for an update

  18. Y'all, cam eto the comments section talking about "Freaking Romance", So I read it and… It was THE BEST!!! I highly recommend if you are looking for a Horror/Sci-Fi/Romance comic.

  19. Freaking romance comic is sooooo good I would recommend to everyone!!!❤️❤️😭😭😭

  20. Just a heads up for those who might start I love yoo. It is shit. 150 chptrs out so far and absolutely nothing has happened.

  21. Midnight Poppyland is SOOOOOOOO BOMB😍😍😍

  22. Guys…..I'm already reading like 30 webtoons right now………………BUT IM ADDING MORE BC THESE SOUND SOO GOOD…NO REGRETS

  23. Everyone is talking about freaking romance which I haven’t watched yet. But boyfriends… BEST ONE IVE READ SO FAR🙌🏼🙌🏼 they did not disappoint me PLEASE go and watch boyfriends it may be boring in the begging but PLEASE go watch it

  24. Midnight poppylan the best of the best

  25. I recommend phase the artwork, the storyline everything is so good

  26. I can trust this channel. They’ve got a Todoroki figurine and a Bakugo poster.

  27. Why isn't anyone talking about "I LOVE LOO" in the comment section…???????

  28. love the Haikyuu, Black Clover, and Bakugo posters in the back. Now you need Free, Say I Love You, Tokoyo Goul, and Hanako Toilet Bound.

  29. I stopped reading "I love yoo" a while ago and now I'm super lost. Also frustrated that the Author never hints at who she ends up with ://

  30. "Once more ' its really good manwha

  31. WEBTOONS I have read: midnight poppy land, freaking romance, I love yoo, where tangents meet, unlovable placement, Choco latte, sirens lament, eggnoid, nice to meet you, boyfriend of the dead, love n life, phase, true beauty, swimming lessons for a mermaid, act like you love me, see you in my 19th life, the witch and the bull, happily ever afterwards, little rain, fluffy boyfriend, mystical, there’s love hidden in lies, my gently raised beast, before we knew it, lunime, cursed princess club, to love your enemy, the first night with the duke, ginger tea, pink lemonade, seasons of blossom, down to earth and my deepest secret

    All of these webtoons that I read are indeed romance🤧🧻🥱

  32. Where can I read devil number 4 for free except for WEBTOON app all in one go

  33. Does anyone know the title of a girl who gets matched up with two boys based on a company matcher thing? It was rare to get matched up with two people and one of them was blonde and rich and the other one was not rich. Please I forgot what the title was and I really want to read it 😩

  34. I tried to read "I love yoo" but It kept disappointing me bcoz My ship didnt sail😭😭😭😭😭

  35. Let's Play is literally the best webtoon I've ever read, the author's dedication to every single detail is fascinating <3
    I wish it'll continue 🙁

  36. ‘Positively yours’ should be included too❤️🔥

  37. 1# Spicy wife's reborn world
    2# taming the possessive girl
    3# light nd shadow
    4# love between you nd me

  38. I thought redheaded would be the one but it took a turn to Qtip😍

  39. I reccomend you guys to read Age Matters, one of the most satisfying webtoons I've ever read, the dialogues and emotions are not dragged out and has amazing characters.

  40. You better try "antiSTALKER". I've seen it 2 hours ago and already catched up to the latest episode. Disappointed that I didn't read it sooner!

  41. I downloaded Tappytoon to read 'The Abandoned Empress' but, it only has three free episodes. How do I read the rest? :3

  42. Why are have I already read all the recommendations in the comments?

  43. Some ones that some people often don’t include on their list is midnight poppy land, it’s about this cute girl short girl and this tall strong guy who is in the mafia. I also recommend let’s play. If you enjoy video games you would like this but you would still enjoy it if you don’t. I also recommend my deepest secret. It’s main genre is thriller but it’s amazing and has romance in it too. READ IT YOU WONT REGRET. Also read a good day to be a dog!

  44. Guys can someone suggest me a website where I can read all the finished Webtoons without any daily pass please .. like kissasian for k-dramas is there any website for Webtoons and I hope there's one🙏🏻

  45. Hey I can't find "the abondoned empress" on webtoon any idea why

  46. ghost wife made me cry sm

  47. But guys i swear freaking romance is something that make your heart flutter you know what i mean

  48. Age Matters and Freaking Romance are the best

  49. Midnight Poppy Land was a great read! I really appreciate how Poppy was drawn, she's clearly curvy but her body is proportionate, no large bust paired up with an abnormally small waist! Seeing her made me more comfortable in my own shape 😊 PLUS TORA, he's the ultimate "WHY IS HE SO HOT…AND RESPECTFUL" man.

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