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Top 10 Webtoons You Should Be Reading

The 10 Webtoons You Should be Reading.I hope you enjoyed this video. See you in the next one 🙂

Top 10 Webtoons
• Lookism
• Ordeal
• Bastard
• Flow
• Eleceed
• Her Summon
• The Boxer
• God of Blackfield
• Weak Hero
• FFF-Class Trashero

Thumbnail: – The Boxer/Ordeal/Bastard
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Magrave Offline

34 Bình luận

  1. You know it's good when he recommends ✨God of Blackfield✨

  2. I recommend the god of tower first o read I really amazed

  3. I highly recommend Kubera
    I won't say anything more than I personally enjoy it more than any work of fiction I have ever read, listened to or watched

  4. I am a Korean cartoon reader. Thank you for loving Korean comics. But one thing to tell you is that please don't use illegal sites. Except for Line Webtoon, an American version of Naver Webtoon, and other legal sites, most of them are illegal sites. It is also illegal to provide all completed episodes for free. In fact, even in Korea, writers suffer from these illegal sites. In Korea, there is also a campaign to eradicate illegal sites. If you want to watch cartoons, pay a fair amount of money or watch webtoons that are released one a day. Thank you for reading the long article. I use a translator, so I may be wrong.

  5. Your eleceed summary proves that you haven't read it yourself…lol

  6. I liked lookisim at fist but then droped it bc I hated all the miss understandings in it😕

  7. I started reading lookism few days ago and now I'm waiting for the updates I swear guys It's so addictive highly recommend! You guys should give it try!

  8. Even thinking about Flow makes me want to cry, it’s nice to see it getting recognized.

  9. So where do you find many of these because they arent on the the webtoon app, atleast for the US region

  10. When I saw ordeal in the thumbnail I had to watch this video

  11. Cant find half of the ones in this list but check out rebirth its great

  12. I’d like to add homesick

  13. as a half trini seeing Ordeal on here made me feel so proud 🙂

  14. lookism and weak hero are masterpieces

  15. Mc goes to jail

  16. I cant find solo leveling?

  17. Why it's not working I search the name and dint pop up

  18. dice cube that changes everything try this one

  19. This list seems offley similar to the list by scramboli reviews

  20. I've started to read Ordeal today and im already addicted to it

  21. I can't find solo levelling send help

  22. It's mine and pigpen is kinda underrated imo

  23. Windbreaker is one of the underrated webtoon

    Must read💯💯

  24. I can’t find fff-class trashero

  25. Horangs nightmare…


  27. Here are some webtoons that I really strongly recommend

    – code Adam
    – UNordinary
    – moonwalker
    – teenage mercenary
    – first hunter
    – spirit hunter
    – warrior of the wild
    – doom breaker
    – G.O.D
    – Rebirth
    – toaster dude
    – Rooftops and roommates

  28. Eleceed 👌👌👌👌 I’ve read it 3 times already 🤌🤌🤌

  29. jungle juice is wayyy too underrated, and if any people know any webtoons simular to jungle juice please tell me!

  30. Lookism ain't good anymore it literally have no story

  31. Lookism is one of the best webtoons I've read. You guys should start reading it if you haven't read it

  32. Where can I read ordeal the webtoon site only has up to chapter 4

  33. I just came to tell everybody that PIGPEN is the best manhwa in the whole world

  34. Lookism is so good I’m not into it a lot but it’s really well written

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