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Top 15 most popular webtoons or webcomics since global release (2014-2020).

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00:00 – Tower of God
00:06 – Bluechair
00:28 – Safely Endangered
00:51 – Hooky
00:53 – Where Tangents Meet
01:01 – Bastard
01:41 – Ecstacy Hearts
01:47 – Siren’s Lament
02:01 – unOrdinary
02:56 – I Love Yoo
03:33 – Let’s Play
03:53 – Lore Olympus
04:21 – True Beauty
04:32 – Freaking Romance
04:47 – SAVE ME

Data source:

“Midnight Lover” ROFEU (Vlog No Copyright Music)

“You And Me” Ehrling (Vlog No Copyright Music)

“Play with me!” Comic bgm (UmbrTone-No Copyright Music)

“Perception” Benjamin Tissot a.k.a. Bensound (ROYALTY FREE MUSIC)

“Jazzy Frenchy” Benjamin Tissot a.k.a. Bensound (ROYALTY FREE MUSIC)

bar race

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  1. 1 subscribe = 1 coffee to keep me awake in making cool videos
    Video w/ Solo Leveling: https://youtu.be/LnwLMMigYrA
    Indonesian Webtoon: https://youtu.be/UNAbCXxU9hY
    Korean Webtoon: https://youtu.be/2kIVploz7FM

  2. Can't believe hardcore leveling Warrior wasn't #1 at one point

  3. Bastard is by Carnby Kin? I really liked city of dead sorcerer. Guess I will give it a read to this "bastard"

  4. Wanted to see god of high school at the top at least once it's great webtoon just because of its trash anime people think it's webtoon is also just like anime but it isn't

  5. Solo?

  6. Sad Hive never got the love it deserves

  7. Man I remember reading gamer , tog and goh when I was younger, I used to be sooooo hype (still am reading tog and will continue reading it) but nowadays it's really hard to find a webtoon that has both good characters and storytelling BUT there are also a lot of hidden gems so really hope they actually start advertising good series instead of just romance series that turn into cringe dramas

  8. Is it just me or do the romance webtoons seem kinda overrated? Like , don't get me wrong there are some that are really good but some are just…. Bland and a there are a lot of webtoons with better written stories and characters?

  9. freaking romance is so funny comic and have funny ending

  10. Webtoons i personally like :

    weak hero
    surviving romance
    viral hit
    get schooled (true education)
    ghost teller
    lost in translation
    chasing tails
    questism ( a new one )
    seasons of blossom
    school bus graveyard
    cursed princess club

  11. Cursed Princesses Club, Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell, Odd Girl Out

  12. Dangg all the memories gashing backk!!!

  13. like wheres windbreaker

  14. Cheese in the trap was the first and best webtoon I’ve ever read!!! Great story and complex characters :,) Idk how it didn’t reach the top.

  15. No one reads Hellper? Hardcore Leveling Warrior? Gosu?

  16. my heart aches for lookism and windbreaker

  17. me cheering for purple hyacinth's .5 second cameo: 🥲

  18. My boy lumine and emma kept hanging on 🤣

  19. 4:45 Best Webtoon came

  20. if only this list also includes tapytoon, tapas, etc. That’d be boom, solo leveling, under the oak tree, etc. ive read manhwas too much that i prolly have more than 300 manhwas on my list.

  21. True Beauty ✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌

  22. Never liked Let's Play all that much. It was good at the beginning but the romance stuff just found cringy

  23. the people who love slow burn plus fantasy need to read happily ever afterwards. I am not able to see any comments mentioning it but you guys definitely should check it out. The art plus story itself is amazing.

  24. Eleceed.


  26. Best webtoon i ever read WINDBREAK
    worse crown goes to true beauty

  27. Honestly ToG deserve better

  28. Solo leveling

  29. All you have to do is make a romantic WEBTOON and you get top lol

  30. 1. Lookism is the best webtoon i have read. You will fall in love with each and every character even bad people when you know about their past story…. their is so much to it that can't express
    2. Dice is also the best one and a masterpiece but i don't get it why it cannot recognize and appreciated and it hurts me 🥲
    3. Unordinary is masterpiece itself.
    4. It's mine ,
    5. Mom i am sorry
    6 my deepest secret
    7. Freaking romance
    All are the 👌 😍😍😍

  31. Flow, Always Human, Sirens Lament, LUMINE, and Lore Olympus
    All of these stories have my heart from the day I started reading Webtoon

  32. I feel old ☠️☠️☠️

  33. It made me irrationally happy to see unholy blood show up at the very end LOL, I was wondering when it would show up

  34. Jesus I was wondering why the Wevtoon front page was always crowded with romance bs

  35. Ghost stories and refund high school need more recognition

  36. unordinary yes

  37. Lookism should be on the top.

  38. Omniscient reader and eleeced need to be recognized

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