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My favorite manhwas/mangas/novels of all time

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My age : 16 ( 12th feb ) AQUARIUS GANG
My favorit color : Burgundy and black
I like asian culture ( especially japanese and korean )

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27 Bình luận

  1. No narration k bye

  2. What's the name of the first manhwa in the thumbnail?

  3. Where to read?

  4. The best one is who made me princess?😍😍😍 im waiting for chapter 123 😭

  5. Why is it when I say I read Manhua/Manhwa people always jump to the conclusion i read romance cuz most ppl do but i actually read Mahua with action/gore A LOT

  6. also me realizing that the first pic in the thumbnail is just a art (or it is not?)

  7. Anyone that knows manhwa similar to 10 years that i love you ,bringing my national husbands home or back then,i adore you? Plsss its so good that i cried for almost a week😭 unrequited love,painful love then turns into a happy life


  9. What's the name of the comic present in the thumnail (left one)

  10. Yes!! New subscriber, your recommendations are really good atlast I found this video 💖

  11. Disliked so fast when i saw abandoned empress 🥰

  12. whats the one with the black-haired fl with golden yellow eyes I cant find it any more :c

  13. I was on mangazone and started reading some random manhwa….. It was going good i kept reading but after like 50 ch. It turned into ntr…. And now I need something to freashen my mood…

  14. Why isn't anyone talking about 'royal romance' it was so good I can't even😩😩💕💕💕my first mahwa ever but it also broke me bec its not finished I love it so much but I haven't seen any news of the update 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Mangas I recommend are UwU

    – Who made me a princess
    – Into the light once again
    – Beware of the villainess
    – I became the wife of the male lead
    – Actually I was the real one
    – The strongest characters in the world are obsessed with me
    – How to get my husband on my side
    – The princess is evil
    – death is the only ending for the villainess

  16. hello can someone tell me what is the name of manhwa left side of the thumbnail

  17. Whats the one on the left side of the thumbnail

  18. Can I know the name of the manga on the main screen left one

  19. Was was th first one on the thumbnail

  20. Name of the first in the thumbail?

  21. hi, what background music do you use?

  22. can i ask what sauce is in te thumbnail ?

  23. Wind breaker is also verrrrryyyy excelllent

  24. I read almost all of these manhwa:)) And I feel proud😍

  25. Remarried empress is highly recommend✨✨

  26. Which one is that on the cover?

  27. Part 2 please

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