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Top 3 Best and Worst Webcomics (Read The Description)

The reasons why I picked number three it’s because they’re hard to research which one’s good or bad. If you like these comics or if you’re comics aren’t your favorites that’s fine! I respect your opinion.

3. worst-Cyanide and Happiness by Rob DenBleyker
Back at my high school days while watched asfdfilms, one of the other kids giggled as they read and watch Cyanide and Happiness. When I looked at, it doesn’t appeal to me. It had tasteless suggestive humor and shock values and the characters designs look simple and bland that it looks close to be like stick figures. I heard many people like this comic and it had a massive cult following. Personally, this web comic is not my cup of tea.

3.best- Fuzzy Things by Jonathan Sario
I used to read this web comic when I was at Junior High! Those where the good old days. The comic itself is a school comedy-drama with tongue-in-cheek writing. The characters have their unique Sonic-esque chibi art style. It also inspires manga throughout JRPG. The reasons why it’s higher on the list. Because it is unfortunately obscure and it does receive a tiny cult following. This comic is about bunches of young anthropomorphic animals who live in a town called Russetville and they’re trained to be adventurers.

2.worst-Sonichu by Chris-Chan
The comic itself had a flat, ugly and childish art style. The characters are one dimensional, the story doesn’t make any sense and they’re immoral and unnecessary. The story goes that a Pikachu-hedgehog hybrid was crash landed to Earth and was raised by a guy who lacked any flaws.

2.best-Beaver and Steve by James Turner
I used to read this comic when I was a kid. Despite the comic’s target audiences was meant to be for teens and adults. When looking back on it, I like Beaver and Steve. The writing is clever with it’s surreal sense of humor and the main characters themselves are charming with their polar opposite personality that is a beaver and a reptile.

Honorable Mentions:
1. Litterbox Comics by Chesca Hause-
It’s a cute web comic about the family of cats that satirized modern day parenthood.

2. Ozy and Millie by Dana Simpson-
An underrated web comic about two young foxes with opposite personalities who are raised by a dragon.

3. VG Cats by Scott Ramsoomair-
A tongue-in-cheek web comic about two cats name Leo and Aeris who often played roles as game characters. This web comic satirized video games and it had some pop culture references.

4. Brawl In The Family by Mathew Taranto-
A witty comic that parodies a video game franchise known as Super Smash Bros. However, I also read this comic when I was at Junior High where became interested in retro gaming.

Dishonorable Mentions:
1.So, You’re a Cartoonist? by Tom Preston-
I don’t like how the main protagonist is a petty and apathetic scumbag who can’t handle criticism. I do find the art style ok and it had some cynical humor with no charm that it could be mean-spirited.

1. worst- Jack by David Hopkins
This web comic is ROTTEN TO THE CORE! It’s disturbing, grotesque, deplorable and nauseating! The synopsis about this revolting comic is that a Grim Reaper rabbit who’s the embodiment of wrath that came to Earth where there’s darker subjects and the difference between Heaven or The Underworld. When I read the synopsis and looking at the character designs. The character’s designs itself are cartoonish in a subpar way and it’s not fitting for an unpleasantly gritty and dark story. This comic is extremely abysmal! Please, stay away from this comic Jack! I easily considered this as the number one WORST webcomic

1.best- Eddsworld by Edd Gould-
Since I broke the rule of no web shows allowed on this list. But this comic is based on a web show. Despite this comic or web show is really old that is made in 2000s and who cares! I like cartoons made in 2000s and earlier! I used to read and watch Eddsworld when I was at High School and I adore it! The writing and humor is creative and clever. The character designs are kind of simple but with charm behind it. They’re also characters who are memorable and likeable such as Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord. The settings that Edd, Tom and Matt go to are imaginative! Whether be looking for keys under the sea throughout surviving zombie attacks in the amusement park! I considered Eddsworld the number one BEST web comic!

As I was saying, I’m not criticizing the creators as people! Just the their comics they create. By making sure if there’s pros and cons about each one of their quality, writing, humor, characters, themes and designs. Anyways, thanks for reading!

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