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Top 3 WordPress Web Hosts for 2022 🎯

🧨 Top 3 WordPress Web Hosts for 2022 🎯
1️⃣👉 Get Hostinger SAVE 90% off! ➜
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2️⃣👉 Get Bluehost at $2.95/mo ➜
📖 Read Bluehost Review ➜
3️⃣ 👉 Get Siteground Discount ►
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👉 Here are the best WordPress web host providers. Hostinger, Bluehost and Siteground offer a lot of value in their plans considering the price.

How’s it going everybody? Welcome back. Today I’m going to be talking about the three best web hosting services for WordPress specifically. And that will be hosting or Bluehost and SiteGround. Now before we end, if you guys at any point would like to check for links to pricing discounts, you’ll find everything you need in the description down below as well as full reviews. If you’d like to learn more about these web hosting providers today, I’m just going to be getting into the comparison and how they compare in terms of WordPress and their plans and whatnot. So, again, if you’re interested in learning more about them, you’ll find reviews down below. Now sure, you can use any web host for your WordPress website. But a WordPress specific web hosting solution delivers better service performance and support for WordPress sites. And I’ve gone through dozens of available hosts. And I’ve come to these top three hosts as the well best overall. And we’re going to start with hosting or which is going to be the best for hosting hundreds of sites on a great budget and hosting or stands out for its stellar loading times along with its low prices. How low Well normally hosting or is 799 a month. But there is a great deal right now, which will drop it down to 199. And definitely check the link in the description down below for an even cheaper pricing plan for the single shared hosting, which is unbeatable compared to other web hosts out there. But here’s the kicker, just for $2 more per month, you can build 100 websites along with 100 gigabytes of SSD storage, free email and unlimited bandwidth. That’s right for the price of a single cup of coffee each month, you’ll be able to host up to 100 sites, which is an amazing deal. And with our great prices, does that mean you’ll be sacrificing quality No, in fact, you’re going to get a solid uptime reliability with hosting or in my research, I found that sites on hosting or had some months in the 99.8% range and dipped to as low as 99.04%. But some months also delivered 100% uptime. Overall, you’re not going to worry too much about their uptime, especially if you have a smaller personal website loading times are speedy too. According to their website, their server response time clocks in at around 43 milliseconds, which is very quick to give you a comparison, that’s just 13 milliseconds slower than a lightning strike.
And this intro level plan is only at 399 a month for the first year, which is of course paid up front, you can boost your WordPress or WooCommerce site even further by going one step to the Grow big plan that lets you tap into site grounds own ultra fast PHP to speed up the visitor experience even more. Plus, you get the safety of on demand copies of your Site Backups all for just 669 per month. The biggest plan is go geek for 1069 per month with 40 gigabytes of web space priority support, staging plus get and the ability to white label clients. All told this is a great web host for web stores on WordPress ecommerce sites who want to switch to a better host and anyone who wants solid security and easy side backups for their pages. So overall, they’re all just great options depending on what you need. I recommend taking a careful look at the plans before you make the final purchase. And that’ll be it for this video. Again, if you guys are interested in any of these web hosting providers, you’ll find links to pricing discounts in the description down below as well as full reviews if you’d like to learn more about them. Besides that come below if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer all of them like and subscribe if you’d like to support the channel and stay up to date thing guys very much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. Have a wonderful day.


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Hope you enjoyed my Top 3 WordPress Web Hosts for 2022 Video.


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  1. 1️⃣👉 Get Hostinger SAVE 90% off! ➜ https://bit.ly/3u4PoUM

    📖 Read Hostinger Review ➜ https://sitestarters.net/hostinger-review/

    2️⃣👉 Get Bluehost at $2.95/mo ➜ https://bit.ly/3Foli38

    📖 Read Bluehost Review ➜ https://sitestarters.net/bluehost-review/

    3️⃣ 👉 Get Siteground Discount ► https://bit.ly/3vW0hHn

    📖 Read Siteground Review ➜ https://sitestarters.net/siteground-review/


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