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Top 38 Completed Yuri Webtoon & Webcomics

Here is List Of 38 Completed Yuri/GL Full Color Manhwa/Manhua Part 1

Genre- School life, Historical, Slice Of Life, Romance, Yuri, Shoujo Ai, Sweet


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GL Lover

34 Bình luận

  1. I just read moonlight garden ch 2 and then they already do the thing 🗿💔

  2. Vengeance made me cry like shit.

  3. moonlight garden is one of my fav

  4. Pulse is a. Maserpiace

  5. PULSE really is one of the best manga yuri i've read,like bruh no cap

  6. Yayy tankk youuu

  7. Where can I read/watch it??

  8. * My princess Charming

  9. My favourite here are Pulse, what the fox say, lily love and lily love 2, moonlight garden and elixir.
    And oh admin, you forgot to include SOUL DRIFTERS and MISS ANGEL n MISS DEVIL… thESE are my fave of all. 😊
    My top 3

  10. Moonlight garden❤️

  11. I think Lily is the best yuri ever 😍

  12. i love Moonlight Garden its rlly nice

  13. So does the main girl with peach hair kinda date the girl first girl that kissies the white hair chick in moonlight garden bc if not I'm not reading it when I ship someone they need to be together if I'm being honest I can not read or watch a Yuri if the people I ship don't get together it's usually the first main characters

  14. what if i already seen everything 😍😎🤔

  15. what app can use for to read this?

  16. When u readed everything in this list

  17. Getting to know Grace and Moonlight garden is my fav ever..

  18. I'm a picky reader so i only finished Pulse, Citrus & Moonlight garden. I'm currently reading 'Begin with your name' and i go wth to laughing my tummy off to having butterflies. Also 'My food seems to be cute' is so cute

  19. Name of the APP!!!!!!!

  20. I just came here to let you know I binged like i've never binged before "Getting to know Grace" and while its not my favorite damn was it a nice read,very intriguing. not too dark but not light or fluffy either liek seriously don't expect fluffyness out of it but nonetheless a masterpiece on its own

  21. Monlight Garden
    The one I yearn for
    Mage and the demon queen
    Bloom into You
    Third Party
    Love doctor
    and many more to mention..

    These are all good and worth to read.

  22. Just read 'Living Will' because of this, I feel empty now. I don't how I always manage to choose the sad ones

  23. 3:31
    That one broke my heart TT

    It's still ongoing but it's good

  25. Masalah e di mana ni baca nya??? Nama aplikasi buat ni smua capter yuri apa nama aplikasi nyaaaa

  26. Who is currently reading OPIUM ?!

  27. two of my favs that werent mentioned here are 1. sora and haena (via Bato ) 2. behind the curtains ( via webtoon )

  28. Where is it read? I looked for it on the webtoon it's not there

  29. Can someone please give me some cute/innocent GL mangas? I want to read it with my sister and she doesn't really like 'those' scenes lol 💀

  30. She is still cute today and My Princess Charming are good too

  31. Where can i watch the devil to healer full chapter?

  32. Why can't I see moonlight garden on webtoon?

  33. The number 16. The title the title that i saw from other manhua you rae my destiny chapter 1 but those are boys.

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