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  1. You have severely underestimated vaccine man and alien octopus. Vaccine man destroyed a city in his base form with little to no efforts and he can move in air like Tatsumaki. Unfortunately his true strength is not unknown because of getting killed so quickly. He should be much higher. And the alien octopus can remove friction as he threw stones at Saitama at sublight speed without them getting reduced to particles. Even Tatsumaki can't do that. He should actually be just below orochi but every such video severely underestimates him. And Boros should be above awakened garou. The latter would never be able to throw Saitama on moon in like 2 seconds and also neither can garou survive consecutive normal punches. Also don't forget about the insane regeneration of Boros. And even Saitama acknowledged him for lasting that long while in webcomic, Saitama didn't even cared about whatever garou did. He was treated like a regular monster.

  2. What the name of 2 music?

  3. How is a multi continental monster ( Garou ) above star buster ( Boros )

  4. Overgrown Rover and Elder Centipede should probably be above Vomited Führer Ugly, because they are so friggin tanky, and seeing how friggin op Flashy Flash has become, he should totally wreck both Beefcake and Pluton.
    Overall, nice list.

  5. I don't picture a scenario where Bomb (and even Bang) would win against Flashy, besides FF was better at fighting Garou fist wise than Bang

  6. Boros is definetely stronger than garou. He is a planetery level threat, with a blast that can wipe out the earth, mate its no competition in a fight he obliterates garo.

  7. Flashy flash and darkshine are already too low sonic is probably way too high

  8. Blast don't have enough feats to be top 4 and metal knight probably is close to tatsumaki and psykorochi but need more feats

  9. GOD?

  10. Boros & blast are stronger than garou by far

  11. Where is Boroses Collapsing star roaring cannon

  12. It's a lot inaccurate

  13. After chapter 152, black sperm is the strongest

  14. tatsumaki, boros and garou are on the same powerhouse.

  15. like the list but what's the last song name it's fire?

  16. it says in the manga that pheonix man is the most op monster

  17. Your top 10 bro 🤦
    Tis IS a good top 10

    10. Golden sperm
    9. Métal knight
    8. Orochi
    7. Tatsumaki
    6. Psykosorochi
    5. Blast
    4. Garou
    3. Boros
    2. God
    1. King (lol)
    No im joking Saitama

  18. Where's King? The strongest 😂🤭

  19. I disagree with so much especially the beginning Atomic Samurai is way to low and so is Homeless Emperor

  20. Brave Giant is Linda low

  21. what the names of the last song?

  22. Blast is above Garou and Boros

  23. Ok there were many moments that i wouldn’t agree with but THAT BOROS IS WEAKER THAN AWAKENED GAROU pls brooooo Boros is the strongest except of Saitama you even doesn’t need prooofs for that

  24. Cap boros is prob stronger then garou .my opinion

  25. and why are you putting genos that high

  26. fuhrer ugly literally lost tohomeless emperor or is this video came out before that chapter

  27. am i the only one who disagreees with melzardgard above the psychic in the ship i mean i think it was told that the psychic was stronger

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