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Top 5 Indie Comics with JillPlusBooks | A 2015 list

It’s Top 5 Indie Comics with my friend and fellow YouTuber JillPlusBooks!

Jill’s Top 5 Webcomics, that we filmed on her channel:

Zodiac Starforce Paulina Ganucheau, Savannah, and Kevin Panetta

@PlinaGanucheau on twitter.
@Kevin Panetta on twitter.

I don’t think the Zodiac Starforce mini is still available, but that’s ok because it is a trade that you can ask your local comic book store for!!

My Milk Toof by Inhae Lee

Philippa Rice

@PhilippaRice on twitter.
Featured book Recyclost still available.

Jennifer Barrett

@Werebears on twitter.
Featured book A Fairy Tale of Sorts sold out.

Rebecca Dart

@R_Dart on twitter

Featured book Battle Kittens sold out.

The music in the video is Blue Skies by Silent Partner and can be found in the YouTube Free Music Library.

The t-shirt was also going to be featured, but this person no longer has an Etsy. It’s by Bunny-o-rama and was hand screen printed.

Nguồn: https://grenadesandwich.com/

Xem thêm: https://grenadesandwich.com/web-giai-tri/web-comic/

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Mandi Coates

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  1. Where has your channel been all my life??!!!! I am so subscribed, great video and if you tell me about more comics I am forever yours:) If you are ever so inclined check out my channel I post about a lot of European & Alternative comics as well:)

  2. Great list! fun video always cool to do collabs with other youtubers!

  3. Definitely loving the illustrations in the Zodiac Starforce mag.

    Yaaaas 😍

  4. Hey Mandi i like your shirt, big fan of Japanese monster movies.

  5. I ate those chocolates and they were delicious! haha Thanks for the great shoutout, Mandi!! <3 Your video is amazingly edited! =D I never did get my paws on those hard copies, though!

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