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Top 5 Mistakes New Comic Artists Make

We’re back with some tips for new comic artists! Please excuse the click-bait title, but these are some great tips that I got when I was at NYCC in October, so I wanted to share them with you guys to help make your comic pages even better!

Clip Studio Paint Perspective Tool Tutorial:

High Quality Phone Tripod:

Free 3D Programs

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Scott Drummond

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  2. Good looking out, Big Bro! This helps. 👌🏾👍🏾✊🏾

  3. currently drawing a cityscape ….Maybe I'm over doing this with the perspective and obsessing that all these buildings need to look just so. I'll check out Youtube and see if anyone has tips for not over-rendering a cityscape. this video is the first search result …ok..guess I'm gonna go back to drawing that city. ✍️

  4. this was a very interesting topic and very informative. by the way what about calling your channel (Scott draws, Scott draws comics, SDC or even comic Scott

  5. Thank you for the honest legit information sir as I am working on running my own studio someday and am working on my own projects

  6. I am an amateur comic artist (and video maker). I appreciate the information you are providing. But please don't use jump cuts between sentences when you are talking to your viewers/audience. It is really annoying and hard to watch because of the jerkiness of the cuts. It is jarring on my eyes. Far too many vloggers on You Tube use this editing technique to eliminate speech and visual mistakes they make but it just makes thing worse, visually. As for the zooming when drawing digitally, I agree. I don't use zooming. Instead, I draw the eyes and other features like the nose and mouth larger, next to the blank face, select them, scale them down to correct size and then paste them into the face. That is just a method that works for me because it is sometimes hard for me to draw eyes in regular size in proportion to the face.

  7. I actually came here to find out more about you and your work and to see if perhaps you shared some of that knowledge to help others draw great like you do.

  8. I think your background during tip number 3 serves its purpose fine but maybe that’s just me o~o
    I’ve seen artists legit just slap photos, 3D models, and flat planes not even bothering to draw it, or even modify the 3D elements. They literally just insert it behind characters. (which isn’t bad either, but it’s a lot cheaper looking tbh. But I fr don’t wanna shame ppl too hard for this tho, cuz these stories seriously do take a rlly long time to make.) So I mean, at least you drew it xD

  9. Great content dude, just subbed 👨🏻‍🍳👍🏻

  10. i got the same feedback lol on the zoom in why did i put so much information on my tiny explosions and not a lot in my faces lol, scarey drawing one establishing shot per page, backgrounds as characters is great notion,

  11. Very honest, thanks

  12. lmao, i was litterally working on art and started to zoom in and the moment could have been perfect for him to yell at me "Stop zooming in!"

  13. I have a question, I have a mac book pro 2019 model. I overheard you talking about using 3D models and backgrounds which I  think is a good idea to do. My question is I tried Blender but unfortunately, the bender software is not compatible with my new mac laptop, so are there any other 3D modeling software I can use other than Zbrush and Blender? I can use it for figure modeling for my drawings as a mannequin, that you know or suggest?

  14. Wow these are really good tips! Thank you! And I really like your artstyle too

  15. I'm 14 and bored. I had a lucid dream last night and then when I woke up I had an urge to write a comic about myself

  16. I always thought I wasn't zooming in enough (I basically never do), so the first tip was a pleasant surprise!

  17. Photoshop has a perspective warp tool. Instant perspective.

    I recommend using a base shape or simple, perspective warping it to your needs, and then drawing over it to work out any of the funky spots.

  18. Traditional inking is harder than digital inking in comics.

  19. Imagine two comic writers or two manga writers went at it. One wrote only about the protagonist and the other about their antagonist. Has anybody ever done this before?

  20. For me, Japanese executes the best backgrounds, especially skyscrapers and buildings in night scenes. So much details!

  21. really great video- loved the examples you showed and options you gave to help correct them. thank you for your honesty!

  22. Your work is nice, and you're personable, but i had to stop after 8 minutes. A basic principle of instruction is "don't dwell on bad examples". Its really counterproductive to rip apart work without showing how to fix it. This was entirely bad work, and you talking about how bad it was. Students will remember the bad work, and thats about it. Show the fault, then show several better pieces, or better yet, that same bad piece fixed.

  23. I wish i could be a comic artist but i live in a 3rd world county

  24. 👍👍👍👍

  25. Very helpful! I had to come back and look at it Once again

  26. that first page you showed, wasn't detailed at all. was barely finished sketch

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