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Top 7 Ways You Chase Away Readers! Are you ruining your webcomic?

Hello 🙂 Top 7 mistakes I see over and over again in Canvas Webtoons are in this video! Maybe this is a long way of saying that you should probably proofread better before you submit your comic to me for review 😉

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0:00 intro
0:32 7. Eye Bleeding English
3:28 6. Do You Even Remember Breakfast?
7:10 5. Judging Books By Their Covers
9:38 4. Do You Even Know What You’re Doing? (No)
11:28 3. Where Do They Live?
16:38 2. It’s Not What They Say, But How They Say It
19:40 1. Up And Down Or Side To Side?
22:13 Noticing a Pattern?
24:23 Secret Bonus Problem

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Turtle and Bug

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  1. Turtle is now streaming on twitch, Sundays from 1 – 4 Arizona Time! https://www.twitch.tv/worstturtleart

  2. Hi, loved the video, hope everyone is doing well

  3. Awesome tips I agree with the story writing part is a big part of the comic. Wondering if you’d like to review mine and sister’s comic?

  4. This video had some interesting points! I agree with a lot of points on a base level- a lot of these tips boil down to honing your craft stylistically and clarity. Which is awesome! But from my experience as a professional editor and letterer, I think there's some points worth discussing.

    You should NEVER pay an editor a dollar/chapter. Even with a different exchange rate, their time is as valuable as yours as the artist. Discuss with them their rate, whether they charge based on word count or hourly, andwhat kind of editor they are. Some people are just there for grammar fixes, while other editors can be there for stylistc honing and overall narrative editing. If you only put a dollar into that equation, you will only get a dollar's worth out. Having friends as beta readers is a different thing- that can often be a super awesome free resourse if an editor isn't in your budget/interest! But I charge $1 per panel for hobbyists, and I've been told my rates are criminally low by fellow editors. A line editor that works with your story to ensure the best delivery and clarity is a HUGE help to any project, and well worth the investment.

    As for letters, hand lettering takes years of practice and trial/error to make look right. Unless you have years of comics experience under your belt, I would never reccommend hand-lettering. Simply put, handwriting can often have illegible quirks that a fresh letterer might not even notice! Organic bubbles are an option, but not the be-all end-all to lettering bubbles. Hand-drawn bubbles can lead to lopsidedness or "shrinkwrapping", which turn off readers. Often times, the easiest, fastest, and most appealing bubble isn't the elipsis, but a super rounded rectangle. In Clip, this is the "Rounded Balloon" preset. Especially if you're new to comics or have a high panel output, I cannot reccomend the Clip Studio presets highly enough.
    If you're looking for fonts, Blambot was mentioned in video as an awesome free resource, but Comicraft creates fonts that work a little nicer with Clip Studio specifically (Wild Words my beloved <3), but they do cost a pretty penny. There's also a lot of indie font packs for comics (shout out to the Benoda Big Pack <3), it's worth shopping around and testing what meshes with your art! Nate Piekos of Blambot also has free lettering tips on the Blambot site, as well as a book called "The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering" that's chock full of info, it's awesome!

    anyways tl;dr: use assets and brushes n tools bc cheating good, pay people better than $1, don't hand letter unless you have font-clarity handwriting

  5. I've been watching like, all your videos over the past couple weeks (and only just realised I hadn't subscribed) and I was wondering if it was ok to submit my comic for a canvas review? My episodes don't always have over 10 panels because they're traditional page format chopped up into a scroll format, I think I average around 9 D: but sometimes its over 10. totally understand if not, but I thought I might as well ask. Sorry if this isn't an ok video to comment this on, I don't mean to bother! Your videos are really well thought out and helpful, keep it up! 😀 <3

  6. Why are people so unreasonably angry over point 3? Like yeah- I personally disagree with it and think that most readers don't really care about the backgrounds, but some people in this comment section are so angry because you were wrong about 1 thing. It's ridiculous. Guys chill. We all give incorrect advice sometimes.

  7. Great video! I remember an original webtoon creator said once that they spent 3 days drawing a background for their scene and absolutely no one commented or cared about the background they did. After that the creator decided to fk it and use 3D backgrounds and still nobody cared or even noticed or mentioned the background in the comments. I guess if it’s done right it can be a great tool to speed up the process. Readers just don’t care if the backgrounds are hand made or computer generated. As long as it’s done in good taste and not weirdly just put in the comic.

  8. Please don’t do anything to 👑🐢! He must be protected!

  9. 4:01 Nice try Bug, but we all know Turtle is made up and you were an artist all along!

  10. awesome video as always and, for the 4049584893939th time of me saying it: i learned a lot!

    i especially agree with the 3D backgrounds partb ecause while its a convenient tool to have, the models are designed to be somewhat generic so that it could be used by many people for many genres and styles.
    my comic (Misguidance Counselor) is set in my country and specifically my city and there are details and areas that are too culturally specific to have existing 3D models for (unless i model them myself, which i cannot do)

    and these cultural specifics tend to inform details about the characters, like you mentioned.

    i had a scene where my 2 characters had dinner at a hawker stall and while drawing the stall was a huge pain for me in me in more ways than one, i can't have them eating in a lovely 3D asset cafe. not because i don't like 3D assets, but because cafe dining is just not the culture of my characters.

    wow, sorry this got long! but i just really appreciated that point you made. keep on making awesome work Turtle & Bug! you guys rock!

  11. Recently talked about word balloon problems in a canvas review? Sweats Wonder who that is…

    Very good tips though 😀

    I do wish to say that while the art doesnt matter as much as the writing, making sure your art is clear in what is happening is just as important. Readers when they can't tell what is happening in a panel can be a real turn off cause of the confusion (I know a thing or two about that @[email protected] ) Your panels tell the story just as much as your dialogue.

    Technically, having good graphic design skills > anatomy/perspective when it comes to comics

    Composition is very important and learning that will help in the long run with comics. Studying cinema and how they shoot their shots by blocking out the three major shapes of the shot is a good way to practice and learn composition.

    But being poor at writing or art shouldn't stop you from making a comic, because making a comic is the fastest way to teach you about both! You are making the comic for you! Be self indulgent 😀

  12. Good vid as always!

    I took a peek at the comment section and there seems to be some back and forth on the background point but I generally agree with you. I use sketch up but trace over to keep it "in my style". Obviously they are not always amazing and I have lots of room to improve. I often thinks it's unnecessary and maybeeeeee I should just use 3d to save time.. but then I get comments from readers about how much they love my backgrounds and its all worth it <3

    (Plus I know you lurk Reddit and there have been multiple threads from readers that get annoyed by the lackluster backgrounds)

    Anyways!! Great advice! Love this channel, comic.. everything!

  13. Some great tips in here! As someone who is inexperienced with drawing backgrounds I find it hard to visualize the spaces, so I’ve been using the Sims 4 for the last few episodes to lay out my characters homes and it helps so much to be able to swivel around and see the rooms in 3D to really get a sense for things and draw them consistently.

    For me, the backgrounds aren’t something I really notice as like, missing if they’re not super detailed, but I definitely notice them when they’re really good, they can add so much character to a scene. (Oh no this comment is getting long… 😰) but I wanted to mention also that if you can make the backgrounds fun by putting in little Easter eggs or jokes it really makes drawing them so much more entertaining for yourself – and the readers that notice it will get a kick out of it too. (My real-life example: I put a whole panel’s amount of work into a stupid Fast and the Furious parody poster in the background of a shot a few weeks ago and it still cracks me up when I look at it. No regrets. Just have fun with it!)

    One last thing: thanks for adding this art process video, it’s super cool and really reminds me that I need to spice up my angles! 📐

  14. Interesting video!
    While I agree on a lot of these points and think this could be great advice for people looking to get into webtoons or have hit a block in growth and are looking for things they could improve upon – I strongly disagree with the section about backgrounds.
    Webtoon's originals is full of comics that utilize pretty empty or very lightly edited 3D models. Lots of them use clip studio brushes and things I recognize myself from the CSP asset store. I see it on really popular canvas comics as well. It seems evident the majority of readers don't care, or don't even notice and assume its drawn by the artist themselves.

    I understand adding details, drawing backgrounds yourself and whatnot is admirable from an artist standpoint. Things like your bedroom example can also be great for storytelling! However it feels out of place among the rest of the tips as the video is about things that steer away readers. Which looking at top performing webtoons can easily dispute this.

    Watching the video and reading some of your replies below about how people should make their own brushes etc just feels more of an art purist take. Comics take a ton of work and variety of skills, I'm just a bit tired to see people discouraging artists from using the tools they have or pushing that one method is better than the other.

  15. Great video! These are all really great points! It's so important to make sure your work isn't full of spelling/grammar errors and that it isn't difficult to read due to poor font or word bubbles.
    It does suck that if you go on hiatus for whatever reason, you know that there are going to be some readers that forget all about your comic. It's sad but that's how it goes.
    Also, there are quite a lot of poor looking backgrounds on Webtoon. I know it's difficult because so many people are trying to maintain regular updates and they're usually working on comics around their day jobs and other responsibilities. It really does make the hand-drawn backgrounds in some comics stand out even when they have less than perfect perspective.

  16. i am 200% guilty of ALL the background things (maybe except for the actual lack of backgrounds 'cause i always made a point to slap some sim-made bgs back in the day OTL) . I love using 3d backgrounds and actually filling them in with people/making it more alive, just simply for the fact that I take AGES to get one bg done and that'd slow me down to finishing an episode a month if even that xD i agree with all the points though! Looking forward for more videos that go in depth on what to improve to make the webtoon more reader-friendly ♥

  17. This video should be a mandatory watch before posting any comic lol

  18. I loved this video and your honesty on all the points (As always)!!
    Was a great reminder and refreshing set of tips. I especially enjoyed the one about the clear summary/icon! It's so hard to make a concise synopsis but it's important ahhh, I'm taking notes LOL 😫I need to work on that for sure haha xD

    Also YES! I may be biased since I enjoy backgrounds but I tend to analyze them (Maybe a bit too much LOL)! It adds so much personality to have an idea of how the characters live in their world. I find it exciting to see when people go the extra mile and add interesting spaces in their comics, very immersive! Thank you so much for this video! I enjoy binging these while I work haha 💜Helpful and not sugar coated haha, we all need to hear it if we wanna improve aHH! 😍
    PS. Love the dynamic background Turtle was drawing of the office space, really cool shot!!!🤩✨

  19. Haha i feel kinda, as you did that video after i bothered you soo hard XD.(I know you did NOT mean me exclusively)
    I totally enjoyed that video!!!! (Even when you told all that before, you did great to put it together!)
    I did a healthy cut to start over again. It will take a while since I have mayor story problems as well- not because i haven`t planned well- but obviously( i learned that on a bitter way) comics need to be not be not just lettered different than a novel but also written like that.(when its not obvious- or totally in the face of the reader it is sudden considered as lame- just because its not selfexplaining right in the moment. I will consider this for futur projects
    The good thing: I cannot die with 40 something anylonger!

    Guess what, I was listening to the vid while my daughther is playing Genshin Background. You can sound totally like "Grandma Shan"
    Greeting to Arizona! im 8 hours ahead then…so I have the feeling this could be difficult. Maybe i can rewatch it?

  20. I agree soooo much with every point you made lol. Comics are meant to be READ, so please make it easy to read! I’m dyslexic and have poor eyesight, so if a font/color/bubble/size isn’t easy for me to read, I’m not going to. I’m too old and too lazy. I love print style comics, so I make mine in print-style pages, but then I convert it all to scroll-style for posting on webtoon and tapas. Scroll style is just easier for mobile readers and I’m able to make the text/balloons bigger for better readability. Hopefully when I officially launch my comic in the next two weeks or so, all the effort will be worth it. I just like the option of being able to print and sell the comic when I do conventions, otherwise I’d probably only do endless scroll.
    Backgrounds are kinda my jam, and I was known in college as being the crazy that made way too detailed backgrounds lol. But some advice that always stuck with me is to always have a pair of feet on each page; as in, a panel pulled back far enough that you can see WHERE the characters are standing. Otherwise comics can be prone to “talking head syndrome” and it can be so hard to follow.
    I AM a piss poor writer, but pretty decent at ideation, so I just have my husband, a quite talented writer, help me make the dialog sound nice. The dialog I write is just the gist of what I want said and he helps me pretty it up. I write like…. A 10 year old. Maybe 12. I am a 30 year old woman. Lol.

  21. Also, you didn't mention this one but I think it is quite important: keep your characters recognisable and diverse. There's this one famous canvas webtoon where the characters look the same, same body types, similar hairstyle. NO ONE has scars NOT EVEN THE GUYS THAT FIGHT, no one has moles or beauty marks, no one has freckles, everyone is as white as a wall. Everyone has the exact same nose bridge and face shape. Basically, everyone looks the same. (also the main characters have no flaws, but that's for another day)
    And I get it, the author is simplifying their style, I get that. But that's not an excuse to make every character look the same. People are diverse and if you completely ignore that in your comic, people are going to stop reading it. They won't even know who is who! Which totally happened to me when reading that comic. Like come on, someone that spends all day training fighting under the sun is going to have their skin darker that the one that never leaves their home. And their nose bridge probably broke at some point if they fight! You don't even need to put that much thought into it 😩😩

  22. While watching this a question came up, could you make a video about the role of an editor if you haven't made one yet?

    And it feels so good when there's that one person that ALWAYS comments. I feel you. Hopefully Watermelon is okay 💖

  23. Yikes im guilty at using 3d sketchup backgrounds but you pick your battles we cant do everything and i would like to upload this year and i would like to not get burnout lol

  24. As someone who is struggling to feel confident about my own series, this is some great advice that motivates me to start a webtoon! 😀

  25. I think I've figured out a few of the things you'll end up telling me XD

    Great video, as always!

  26. #3 Is completely wrong and misleading. The amount of readers who drop a comic because the backgrounds are "bad 3D renders" "lazy gradients" or not "hand painted" can literally be counted on your fingers. Wasting too many hours on detailed backgrounds that are not the focal point of your storytelling or the art, which should be the characters if you didn't get that yet. It will only cause you to fall behind on updates, which in turn will lead to less readership and growth. Readers skim and barely spend more than a few seconds on each panel.

    And no, don't count other canvas creators or artists as your "readers". Sure, they might appreciate your "hand painted backgrounds", but actual readers don't. If your only readers are people in the community or twitter that you've somehow coerced into reading your comic, you've failed – you don't actually have readers and they might as well be your parents or family. It's so painfully obvious when you see the same names as the only commenters.

    If you're fine with being stuck at 10k subscribers for the rest of your life, be my guest. But those people tend to be the same who constantly complain, whine and bully those who find actual success on Webtoons.

  27. Me: yeah people need to fix their grammar!

    Also me: uses the wrong your/you’re 😂

  28. Oh good, I think I only have maybe 1 and a half of those things, phew :'D Now why am I not getting any readers? ha..ha…. haaaaaa ToT

  29. Another fantastic video! I’m just a hobby comic maker, but I still appreciate all the advice bestowed, 🌟✨

  30. “If you’re worried about your art, you can relax a little now. And start worrying about your piss poor writing” The attacks just keep coming. 😂

  31. I super relate to the backgrounds one haha, I've always avoided drawing backgrounds when I illustrate, but am hoping I'll get used to it during comic making. Point 7 is also very relatable, as a non native English speaker the amount of times I've accidentally directly translated something from my language to English, and not realized it was weird until someone points it out aaaaaa

    also rip Turtle 4:01, I relate

  32. Great advice!! I hope people consider watching this, especially the word bubbles and writing aspects… sometimes word bubbles and typography drive me bonkers.

    Comment on the reading direction: In the past certain contests have required certain reading directions (like the Tezuka Jump Contest required right to left, Silent Manga Competition, etc) and it's important to consider that! If you're creating comics for any sort of submission, please read the rules carefully.
    Sometimes different reading directions are required.

  33. Those tips were very useful! The comic formatting one resonates with me a lot, because I switched from traditional to webtoon after my first episode 😅.
    Another huuuuge mistake is narrative infodumping. I'm talking by personal experience , since my story starts off with a big narration and that, I believe, is what discourages most of my readers. When I had just started my comic, I used to think it was fine, since I wanted to adapt my script VERY faithfully, but oooh boy was I wrong. I should've applied the "Show DON'T tell" approach all along, because that way, my readers would've been a lot more attached to the characters. At the same time, though, I don't regret it too much, because it's through mistakes that one can improve.

  34. I feel called out about the shower thing

  35. Keeping all these tips in mind. Also I be wanting to watch the streams but I always miss them lol. now I know the time so next time (hopefully) I won’t miss it lol

  36. I think my comment was deleted cuz it had a link? Anyway, great advise!

  37. Hey great tips!! I will forever be greatful for the one with the Sims rooms 😂

  38. lol definitely the spelling errors is what get's me but I always re-read my webcomic and make note's to changes I want to make once I get to them, not too worried about though at the moment but I think the thing that is really holding my comics back was the scheduling, I wasn't very frequent with my upload and I was still figuring out the upload times because of the time zone thing lol Really enjoyed the video and I'll definitely refer back to this to make sure I'm ticking off all those boxes lol😁✌ keep up the amazing work as always

  39. You forgot about alienating the farming community with a gratuitous swipe at Daylight Savings Time. How dare you!

  40. you deserve more views

  41. Amazing video and advice! I definitely struggled with #2 (bad bubbles), but thanks to your help I hopefully have improved somewhat – it's a journey 🙂 !

    Also I really liked the Sims room tip. Also Also – love seeing the Blender process!

  42. As a solution to grama mistakes I use the app Grammarly. Makes me feel like I'm a retard but at least it gets the job done. 😅

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