Katy Wood

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  1. wow thank you very much!! good tutorial 🙂

  2. So you dont do any thumbnails ?

  3. Very good, thanks!

  4. Does anyone know if one can use legally the free 3D designs from Warehouse to the backgrounds? If I use those designs would that be plagiarism even if give credit to the designer?

  5. You deserves more views and subscribers than this……thank you💟

  6. All this time I thought the webtoon artists were just super meticulous with their zooming and straight lines… I had a hunch that you could use software, but I had no idea it'd be this simple. Thanks for the great tutorial! I'll play around and give this a go.

  7. Any tips on saving time while colouring the backgrounds or applying effects (textures, shadows etc)?

  8. did you make the models yourself? one of my biggest concerns about my comic is the models that I can use for my backgrounds, I would like to make them myself but I'm still pretty bad at 3D modeling, if you used another person's models, did you buy them?, where did you find em'? heeeelp

  9. app? please??

  10. Only reading Webtoons I realized that all that extremely careful and detailed scenarios are made jn SketchUp. I always suck at making scenarios… 🙈 Thank you a lot for the tip, sis! Very useful info!

  11. Blender is way better than sketchup

  12. Omg.. thx bro.. I respect you..

  13. OMG thank you this was so easy to follow!!

  14. Can I use it for 2d animation?

  15. Is sketch up free? I’m having trouble drawing backgrounds

  16. I don't know if I missed anything but is that layer is transparent so we can go and color it

  17. Holy sh*t! Thank you so much for this!!

  18. This video is when human use 100% of their brain…
    Nice tips, imma gonna try this one

  19. What is your opinion about using a game called the sims 4 for backgrounds?

  20. Katy, this is the best Sketchup background tutorial I've seen!

  21. thanku for this nice tutorial !
    also I like the way you talk haha

  22. how do I do this on a chromebook?

  23. So we can export ready made backgrounds and not draw it ourselves and use it in our comic for free?

  24. Is this the same for the free version of sketch up?

  25. I'd love to see how you render the whole drawing 😍😍

  26. Did you model the furniture yourself or did you get it from the warehouse? You said that it was easy to learn and I've been trying to make my own furniture but I've been struggling…

  27. you liar 20 minuts

  28. Pity you can’t get nice, organic lines this way. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l06RRz8w_4w

  29. how to make it transparent?

  30. Ok but how do I make the background transparent bc I cant color it otherwise :l

  31. Nice !!!

  32. This is so helpful!:)

  33. This tutorial saved my life, you have no idea!! Thank you a lot xD


  35. I'm out here making backgrounds when I could have cheat and made life easier for my self !

  36. Katy, do you have any suggestions for exporting the colour layer such that it looks like a comic?

  37. Hey. I love you. Thanks!

  38. Thank u! this changed my life!

  39. ok just quick question, i heard you cant use sketchup for monetary purposes unless you bought the pro version.. so if you use it for a comic or prints that you will be making money off of, does that mean we could get in trouble for doing so? im new to this so ..

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