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Ultimate Guide to Customising the WordPress Dashboard

Let’s build a more powerful, better-looking, and functionally improved WordPress Dashboard together.

I’m going to take 3 plugins and take the WordPress Dashboard from drab to fab and add a lot of useful features to the dashboard, media manager, style, and more.

If you’re fed up with looking at an uninspiring WordPress Dashboard or you want to provide your clients with a nicer, branded experience, this tutorial is the perfect starting point.

Tools used:

Admin Columns (free):
Admin Columns Pro:
Ultimate Dashboard (free):
Ultimate Dashboard Pro:
HappyFiles (free & pro):

Admin Columns Pro & WooCommerce:

Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!

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26 Bình luận

  1. Is a plugin like this negatively affecting a websites performance in any way?

  2. How much bloat does it add if you added all of these things? That’s my only concern

  3. nagyon megviseltnek tűnsz. nem aludtad ki magad mostanában rendesen?

  4. Hi, great and informative video. Can you please also make a video or recommend a plugin to make the backend faster. I saw that there are some plugins which let you choose which plugins and resources to load in the backend. I think that would be a good addition to this video. Thanks!

  5. I second the assessment about Thomas Ehrig, the dev behind Happy Files and Bricks. I would go so far as to name him one of the very best modern devs for WordPress out there. He and his team are building some of the very best "no-bloat" tools and plugins on the market using modern frameworks and practises. Plus he's a nice guy 🙂

  6. Very nice set of tools. Many thanks for another great tutorial.

  7. Sir, would please explain how to make WP site interactive? meaning saving data, reading and do calculations on backend

  8. Great overview mate (as always!). I tend not to be that bothered with a custom back-end, BUT I have been blown away by your demo and can see the clear benefits of taking such steps. I'm just a tad torn by the high annual cost of the Ultimate Dashboard plugin and would consider it on a TLD.

  9. I canÄt find the settings for Happy Files Pro in my website backend. Is this a special edition?

  10. You look tiered, maybe a vacation away from home for 2 weeks may help…. JB

  11. great tutorial. I would love to implement this on some of my bigger clients. Will branding the dashboard have any effect on site speed/dashboard speeds?

  12. I can easily see this YouTube channel will cross 250k subscribers by the end of the year if not more than that

  13. Very good content!

  14. Dear Sir, i really enjoyed your video.

    It will help me to take my sites to next level.

    Hope to see more videos..

    With care,

    As we celebrate Holi ( Festival of colours ) here in India, may yours and yours family lives be filled with colours of bliss, prosperity and health.

    Yours student,

    Vivek Kumar ( Dehri On Sone, Bihar, India )

  15. And last but not least, HappyFiles and Ultimate Dashboard support (the main flaw of numerous plugins) is #1.😎

  16. Wpadminify is what I recommend

  17. 🤯

  18. The Ultimate Dashboard has a nice UI, but I am going to stick with White Label CMS, which is free and provides much of the same functionality that Ulitmate Dashboard provides. White Label CMS still uses Elementor for building a custom dashboard and I have more flexibility with customizing my dashboard by dropping in my own custom CSS in the Settings tab. As for HappyFiles, I went ahead and purchased the Unlimited Pro. This was too good of a price to pass up. Working with it I found this was like a stripped downed version of the Premio Folders plugin. I love the fact it allowed me to import other folder plugins like Premio, which made the transformation seamless. I guess if you don't need all the bells & whistles that Premio Folders provides, this is definitely a must-have.

  19. Paul, I enjoy most of your videos and find them very educational. I have been a big fan and user of Happy Files for a while now. But, I learned something unintended that I found incredibly useful which, up until now, I had used another plugin for. While you were demonstrating Happy Files, I noticed in settings the ability for infinite scrolling had been added. Woohoo! I was able to turn that on and delete the "Media Library Enable Infinite Scrolling" plugin. Can't wait until Happy Files adds the feature for replacing images so I can delete the Enable Media Replace plugin too. Anyway, thanks for your great videos and, in this case, for the unintentional tip. 😉

  20. This is amazing! But still never seen this feature in the WP dashboard has been done!
    The menu "Horizontal" and has the option to drag it back N' forth as in YouTube menu or Twitter!!!
    May you please do this? Or can help? Or even Guide…I'm pretty sure this feature is missing! No one has ever done any type of help or guide or blog or video how to do it!!!
    Hopefully you might consider an answer for this?! For god sake! Do it! 🙏

  21. I can also really recommend UIPress (former Admin 2020)

  22. Superb !

  23. I think Branda is way better than this because the free version of Branda has a ton of options. Just my opinion. Btw thanks for the vid. I always come here for learning new things on WordPress.

  24. One advice. It's a good idea to show the before and end result in the beginning, that way your retention rates will be much higher.

  25. Thank you very much sir your videos are always very informative. ❤❤❤

  26. The wp dasbord has become your life's work. I know how much you hate it. Thanks for this update👍

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