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Under the Oak Tree (Official Trailer) | Manta Comics

‘Under the Oak Tree’ is FINALLY OUT on Manta!

Presenting to you the most flawless love story of the flawed…
‘Under the Oak Tree’ is finally coming to life worldwide on January 30, 2021.

Based on the legendary novel that reached over 30 MILLION views, ‘Under the Oak Tree’ is making its global debut on Manta as a webtoon.

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  1. Under the Oak Tree is FINALLY RELEASED on Manta! 🎉
    To start reading 'Under the Oak Tree' 👉 http://bit.ly/undertheoaktreenow
    To read the latest episode on Manta 👉 https://bit.ly/mantacomics

  2. You should read Heeran guk sonata too. It's from the same author.

  3. You don't know how much I got so broken due to this Under the Oak Tree 😭 … I wanted so much more of these please Kim su-jin hear us 😭🙏🥺..
    Publish these through book 📖📚 🥲 I want to have full series of under the oak tree including the POV of the characters and I will collect each and everyone of these ! 😭🙏
    I will do everything I can just to buy the books !!!! Please 🙏🥺 hear us 😭

  4. Where can I watch it ??

  5. I'm still waiting for the next season ♥️

  6. Spanish please ! 🙏

  7. Kdrama would be amazing in this!

  8. marvelous

  9. Life-changingly well made

  10. This is the best Manwha I've read so far and I'm totally obsessed with it. Can't imagine if I never get the chance to read it. I hope this would have an anime version. I'm crying for the next episodes. 😭

  11. Amei 💞😍

  12. Nooooo i just started reading now I got spoiled😭

  13. por um momento pensei que Under the Oak Tree tinha versão em anime kkk sonho impossível vê essa obra em anime !

  14. The closest thing I can get to reading these is to watch the trailers, I’m downloading manta comics as soon as I get home

  15. Beautifully speaken👍

  16. This series 😭♥

  17. This is SOOOO GOOD i highly recomend this!

  18. I read book 1, Riftan POV and book 2 up till where the author updated till. I don’t know what to do w my life now lol

  19. I managed to read the web too til chapter 17 but can’t find the rest really interested in this novel xmas present to myself haha

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