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using Blender for comics

creating comics has been changing and growing over the years because now you can use 3D software such as Blender to do this type of work. in this video, we are going to talk about how Blender can help you as a comics artist to save time and energy by working faster and smarter using its fantastic tools.

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  1. I have been wanting to make a comic and now I can i've had my head filled to the clouds with ideas now I can unleash them

  2. Somebody finally tells Daz like it is.

  3. anyone know how to do that 3:39 part, where individual comic panels can be expanded into a full environment, depending on the angle you view it from . . .preferbly in unity but blender is fine 2

  4. Afro Ninja approved

  5. Is there any detailed tutorials on how to do that 3D Batman/robin comic effect during the middle (3.05) of the video? I’m obsessed with that look!!!

  6. I believe nowadays is a big difference between a comic artist and a comic creator, quality can differ according with different perspectives but still in comic and animation 3D ALWAYS looks CHEAP no matters how realistic they go 3D always looks cheap, if you want to succeed you have only 2 options REAL MOTION (real actors with VFX) or 2D, the most noticeable winner in 2D animation is the Japanese anime and here we have 2 opposites Disney/Pixar going for cheap piece of trash 3D animation against the anime industry, those are the trends of today, is a shame and a pity because being honest Disney is losing the way now their new products are just commercial focused with low-quality Disney only cares of money now and forgot about quality, while in the other hand you have the manga vs western comic style, both great and here is where blender sows up as a new star, because freestyle and the toon shading styles can help exponentially comic creators and here is the difference COMIC ARTIST works for someone else while a COMIC CREATOR is an independent producer he normally does the pencils colors lettering and he is the writer as well, then Blender can become one of the most helpful tools for a comic creator, what I can say maya+marvelous designer+substance painter +Zbrushthose are the old tools the past those tools has nothing extra to offer agians blender sbdolute nothing, marvelous designer is a damn drime to charge for it the only extra feature is the auto fit and that isn't useful if you are not creating uniforms, ZBrush a damn software developed for and by people with the damn brain backwards you must have your brain damage if you still use Zbrush with the more horrible and awful navigation and UI of the whole computer software history and what have to offers? nothing all can be done even better with blender including custom brushes, substance painter vs blender is a draw but because blender is free I don't need to call the winner and Maya the industry-standard ok realistically is simple is still the standard because the high ups in the industry are dinosaurs are simply OLD LAZY 3D artists that don't want to learn new tools even this new tools ae BETTER that is the reality, is a FACT blender is the best 3d software in the market without discussion are still a couple of specialized software that can stands up like Houdini to assemble the final product but is not like you cant replace Maya with blender in the pipeline, and we are talking about comic creators you will not see a webtoon creator using in his process Houdini+Maya+MD+Zbrush+substance painter instead of it what is the PERFECT solution just work with Clip Studio Paint+Blender, that is the more powerful DUO in the market for comic creators, CSP beath to dead PhotoShop in terms of comic creation and his powerful 3D features made this software the perfect choice in terms of price and capabilities

  7. This guy sounds like Caspian Report

  8. 2:52 ngl they had us in the first half

  9. Currently teaching myself Blender for this very reason. Very informative! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for the overview of this.

  11. It feels like you are telling the same stuff over and over again in every video.

  12. best video

  13. Blender is great software both 2d and 3d artist,it is good for comic style animation,but I prefer Krita than blender from creating comics,because Keira is free and open source like blender and it's great for creating 2d animation,manga, illustration and much more

  14. Nice video. does anyone have experience in comic shading a DAZ character that is imported into blender? I have tried in the past but I get these weird shades especially on the face of the character. I have thought about making my comic with photorealistic renders but as stated, this looks a bit strange when adding speech balloons on top of a "photo".

  15. whats that anime looking shown when the grease pencils is introduced?

  16. [One] of the greatest advantages of 3D is that you only have to "draw" it once.

  17. Awesome….may you please help me on how to make beam aura and particles around a existing object like dragon ball?

  18. Does someone knows the HQ/manga's name in 08:25?

  19. Comics were the reason I started with Blender. Initial because of 3D props to be used in a comic. But Blender was so much fun that I forgot my initial goal 😀 There are also nice comic shaders on the blendermarket or on YT.

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