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Using Blender for Making Comics

In this video we take a quick look at how we can use 3D software like Blender to create interesting compositions that we can later draw over in our illustration package of choice. This is also the 10th episode of My Journey into Making Comics which hasn’t seen another episode release in over two years! I guess it’s safe to say that this one was greatly overdue.

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David Arroyo

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  1. Really like that background on the left though ! Any place where we can see it :] ?

  2. I’d say it’s hard to experiment with anatomy , to make it more dramatic or stretchy in some way when u are caged into tracing over a 3D model but rest is good.

  3. really??

  4. WoW thank you so much! It was very helpful! But where did you get those assets? Is there a way so I can have them too?

  5. I really needed something like this, i had installed blender but mainly for the video editing and have been looking into what I can do more with it with my art so it helps a lot, thank you

  6. Can someone explain to me how to make the edges visible in layout mode as shown in the video?

  7. This is amazing inspiration video. I just wondering where did you get dummy model for human? It is hard to find out that.

  8. Hi David question
    Around 7 minutes kn you show ir custom asset library and km wkndering how youbsaved these. Did you make them and just organized them on a scene or something? Do u make sets next to your collection of assets?

  9. So so cool! I am glad you made this tutorial! It helps me, especially for spaceships in this space sci-fi comic book I'm writing.

  10. Where do you get the stand-ins? Did you made them yourself, or download from a source online?

  11. You can actually go further and use Procedural Blender materials to get some really intricate detail.

  12. Why 11 people gave you a thumbs down is beyond me. Thank you for sharing your workflow! Very thorough, it’s super awesome. I would be willing to purchase that kit if it was for sale? Yea, they are highly detailed and professional looking assets. Just putting it out there. How much gor your kit? If not, no problem. Thank you for a glimpse of your workflow.

  13. Do you sell the assets?

  14. You’re insanely creative its so awesome 😀

  15. Man… What an amazing workflow! Seems like it'd be perfect for indie comic creators, especially if you add kitbashing (e.g., Kit Ops) to the mix, and maybe a character creator like Daz. One question: Any thoughts on the new Line Art modifier as an alternative to Freestyle?

  16. So, I have tried to get into drawing for like a decade, and although I always made little improvements, I struggled endlessly with anatomy.
    Few months ago I tried out DAZ3D, and things are finally starting to click. I use the models there as reference, I also got a super bulky bodybuilder model that I can now use to study muscles, to see how things connect, and a morph that makes face super wrinkled, which I have used to study expressions. Since my art is very stylized, I had to figure out what elements make an expression feel that emotion, and it has helped me a lot.

    Now I come here wondering what else can I do with 3D for my art. I wanna do a mini-comic and thought that maybe doing the background in blender (since I intend for it all to happen in a single room) would be far faster than drawing it on each panel.
    I am very anxious cuz trying new stuff makes me nervous but also kind of excited of what more can be done with this tools… Specially since I heard of this new stuff blender is doing now, the Grease Pencil.

  17. Great tips within this video! Is there a reason you use Procreate as opposed to using Clip Studio for your line work?

  18. How long does it take to build these sets in this program?

  19. A glaring problem with using 3D models is that they look stiff. Your two guards look like mannequins, there's no life to them. To fix this, I think you need to exaggerate some of their features. Although they are proportionately accurate, comics are about energy and action.

  20. Blender is too powerful, if there's a community even just a fraction and focus on making assets for comics. Every app would be done for real.

  21. “This is not a tutorial, it’s just something to inspire…”

    Well dog gon it color me inspired!

  22. hmmm you could have drawn over the 3d figures in grease pencil and keep them in blender without having to export anything procreate. There are videos where you can draw over 3d figure and it stays in 3d shape.

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