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  1. As a heads-up for anyone looking for Little League, the comic's name has been changed to JL8 due to copyright claims.

  2. And… all read up on Little League!

  3. I LOVE LITTLE LEAGUE! Me and my girlfriend started reading it back in February! We love it!

  4. I think there's nearly as much anticipation for your Dark Knight review as there is for The Dark Knight Rises. Are you nervous, Cap?

  5. Goooood call.

  6. I have a feeling the The Dark Knight Rewind Review is going to be 30 minutes long at least. I hope so!

  7. I think it would be awesome if Art Baltizar would write a Powerpuff Girls comic

  8. all of a sudden I hear Alice Cooper

  9. I recommend Amazing Spider-Man #692. So you can burn it. Or at least rip out all the pages with Alpha.

  10. Lol, you're using the Batman book for your superhero rewind. No, but it's cool, can't wait for it, you're the best reviewer on the YouTubes! 🙂

  11. lol Cheating in what way?

  12. I still say ya'll'ed love my friend's webcomic the Bat-Titans on Deviant Art! XD

  13. That Bat book sounds amazing Cap thank you for sharing.

  14. The book is actually $29.99 on Amazon, but his official site has it autographed for $20.

    (I I/)

  15. vince has tumblr? must have name!!!!!!!!!

  16. *GASP* Captain Logan! Your cheating?

  17. what is this internet of which yee speak

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