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HeyOoooo! Here’s a couple recommendations for you guys; enjoy!


Check, Please!:

Ava’s Demon:

Miss Abbott and the Doctor:

Boyfriend of the Dead:

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  1. My main big reads that I keep up with are Questionable Content (not as questionable as it sounds), mostly slice of life sort of stuff… If your life includes a whole bunch of robots and my all time favourite coffee shop.
    XKCD which is mostly just nerdy randomness
    Darths and Droids which is a photo-comic retelling of the Star Wars series from the perspective of a bunch of people playing D&D, it gets weird at times but I do enjoy it
    Girls with Slingshots is a great series, but it's finished so no more updates 🙁

  2. I'm interested in what webcomics people are drawn to because I have one one I am doing and I want to know if I should continue. What do you think of a comic about a drifter and his dog side kick? Nice eye brows…

  3. I hav enever read a Web Comic and some of these sound like a great place to start!

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