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Webcomics 101: How to Start Your Webcomic!

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Part 2: Self-promotion and monetization:
Originally streamed to Twitch on 5/21/2021.

After getting so many questions about how to make webcomics, I decided to say “heck it” and ran my entire How to Webcomic panel on Twitch! This is part 1- How to get started making a comic!

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  1. If someone says but it takes you like no time to draw understand that if you can draw fast it came with years of practice. They are paying for that skill you have honed of YEARS.

  2. Did u do this at amke? Jw bc someone did a panel of this name at amke lol

  3. Back up your files is the most important so much so it should be slide 1. I lost 4 comics vol.1 (5 chapter each 2k words) during a powersurge. I was traumatized. I'm now just restarting the writing and I have my stuff backed up the 3 locations. Don't waste your efforts!

  4. “Break into that inner theatre kid that I know is in your heart, pace around your apartment when you’re home by yourself”

    Me who lives in a house with three siblings and my parents: When am I ever alone in my house?

  5. I have this comic idea that’s always been on the back of my mind since 2018. I have the gist of the plot down, characters, and power system. Gonna start working on it sometime this year 🙂

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  7. I started a comic as my "final project" for college before covid destroyed my final semester. Finally picking it back up again after two years of adjusting to adult life in the plague. My #1 thing I learned as far as the art goes is to practice your hands off before you even draw a panel for the actual comic. Know the character designs like the back of your hand. Think of it like practicing an instrument and don't just skip to the recital. It won't look good. (As for the 15 pages I did get done.. I'm going to have to redo them.) But this is also for a comic I'm planning on finishing before debuting, so this may not apply to everyone. Comics are very flexible. You do you.

    Also thank you for reminding me I am backing up my files.

  8. hehe, obviously, backing up your files won't help if the universe is out to get ya, like it happened it this proverbial story 😂

  9. this tutorial was very useful!! thanks

  10. On a side-note: Why are so many people so against DeviantArt to the point where they would rather post on Twitter of all places???

  11. One thing I did that helped is I wrote down a bunch of ideas on flashcards then rearranged the order of the cards until I had the outline I wanted then I began my script.

  12. Love your book, you sound just like I imagined you would in your book.

  13. I understand what your getting at but while people want to do it because they like it, they also want some people to read it. If they continue going on for years and barely get any readers ever then that is hard to deal with. Your also acting like no one in your audience that starts this will ever have success or make a living from it.

  14. 9:50 Start your webcomic so Shia LeBeuf can steal it for a movie idea!

  15. Thank you for this video! I’m trying to decide if I want to adapt a book that I’m writing into a webcomic, and this cleared up a lot of the questions that I had!
    I think I’m gonna take about a year to through all of this; finish the story, get a good handle on my art style and character designs, probably read those books, and draw up some test panels (some easy and some hard to adapt) to get a feel for what it would look like in a visual format and see what the creative process would look like for me before committing to anything.

  16. What about slice of life stories from your life style comics

  17. 5:54 me who is worried ill get famous and then be cancelled for not having cinnamonrolls as my main cast:
    PHEW! glad we got outta there!

  18. Thank you so much, this has been so helpful

  19. 7:57 I'm really being called out today huh

  20. what about making a trailer for your webtoon or something

  21. The way you talk reminds me of my 9th grade Algebra teacher, and that's a compliment, she was one of my favorite teachers! Excellent video, really helped me a lot!

  22. lol this gives major Alexa Donne vibes

  23. Oh heyyyy I thought that name was familiar… I bought your book on making webcomics!

  24. Thank u so much!

  25. my first comic will be a masterpiece cuz i spent 5 fucking years of my life learning writing cuz i was making excuses back then now I'm executing it like a true chad

  26. i absolutely love this because i love art but i've also always loved writing and the fact that i could create something that, like said in the beginning, can make ppl cry and move them emotionally… that just… blows my mind. i'm in the prepping stages like practicing and studying but this is like my dream <3

  27. I just did a quick search and found you here, thank you for this, a lot of info and I greatly appreciate it.

  28. Yes I do have a question. What to do if someone steals your webcomic and claim it as their own ? What to do ?

  29. How long would you recommend learning the art fundamentals before starting a project? And how do you balance developing your artistic skills versus your writing skills?

  30. There is one comic I have been reading that only updates when the creator doesn’t have school, so right now it is on a 22 week hiatus. problem is the comic updates inconsistently, when it’s not on hiatus sometimes there’s a 3 day gap sometimes it’s a 10 day gap sometimes it’s a 2 month gap.
    Update; they rebooted the comic

  31. This is one of the best lessons on learning how to make webcomics. Your steps helped me how to plot a story. I have not made a webcomic, but eventually I will have it out soon. I highly recommended this video. Very helpful for graphic novelists.

  32. this video is amazing and very very helpful. THANK YOU!

  33. You sounded like LaurenZside and I love it 😭😭

    And thank you for the webcomic tips, I've been wanting to start mine and Don't know where to start. Thank you a lot 🥺💕

  34. But I like the motivation fairy🥲

  35. You would not believe how helpful this was! Thank you!!

  36. i’m glad i got to 19:37 because i wanted to make my first comic with my ocs and their story. i love their story so much and i don’t want to abandon it. thanks for the tip :))

  37. I love reading webcomics but I don’t do digital art anymore so I do short traditional ones and your tips helped as well!! Thank you!!

  38. I know dude was mad

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