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Webcomics Confidential Ep 40: How to Build an Audience

Building an audience is a definitive goal for most cartoonists, but outlining steps is very difficult. If you’re going to Patreon, looking to build an audience, you’ve got the horse before the cart. In this video, veteran webcartoonist Brad Guigar talks about proven steps you can take to build an audience for your webcomic.

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Brad Guigar

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  1. Nice stuff…..I'm about ready.

  2. Why do all Guigar's Laws sound like Yogi Berra-isms? Another good Guigar quote, "Social media audiences are very sticky." Now, is that just in the NSFW crowd or what?

  3. My friends and I started a webcomic his name is: consecuenciastudios.com

    By the way excellent work. Sometimes we watch your videos and we are inspired to move on.

  4. amazing stuff

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