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Webcomics free read & unlocked gem chapters (new update tutorial)

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I have found this method in my own accord:) you only need “YouTube and Webcomics” using this method, no need to download any other app, just follow what I did in the video. because I gave all the instruction in the video and it will be easier if you watch it till the end 🍀

This method is completely working, since I’ve tried this to myself before posting this. It took me weeks to think of this kind of idea and one more thing this method works (on any smart phone be it android or ios)

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abbygail xD

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  1. NOTE: you can read all the locked chapter & gem chapters except for the premium one 🍀 also you can do the same process all over again

  2. Did diamonds had cheat hehe I can't get free read I already make it 10x it always stop at coin

  3. May update na ba hirap makakuha ng free read hahahah

  4. Can anybody tell me what is the version ?

  5. It does not work for me😔

  6. It didn't work for me…

  7. Is there any other way? T.T

  8. It didn‘t wort i didn’t get the 3-days free at the spin

  9. 😭🤚 i love that you did this abd that it worked but it doesn’t now, if i do the spin on one account and switch, i cant redo it, also the reason im here is cause of a recent problem, both me and a friend having been able to get any free pass for the last maybe month or two, and jm trying to figure out if they changed the system or something and how im supposed to read diamond stories now cause I havnt been able to in forever

  10. Can you please help me 🥺!? It's not working

  11. Ive tried it many times but couldn't get any free ticket PLSSS HELP

  12. I spin lucky wheel from one month regularly but I only get coins😥😥
    I never get free trial 😓 why
    I you have any idea about it so please comment me

  13. Thank you so much this really helps me 😊💞

  14. If you get 3 days free than you can only read few chapters for free and then others are lock again ahhh I want to read them so bad news your help😢

  15. This isn't working

  16. You made my day❤

  17. Is this still working? 😭

  18. Thank you for this but every time I do this I didn't get the free read its always the coin

  19. Apa cuma ak yg orang Indonesia?

  20. hmm…

  21. Wut dat song call it's really gud T^T

  22. I didn't get even 1 day trial 🥺

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