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Do you like free things? Me too! In this episode of Stuff You Like, Sursum Ursa is introducing (or re-introducing) you to a few of her favourites.

Is this a top ten list? No, because
1. They aren’t ranked and
2. She didn’t bother counting.

But still, hopefully there’ll be something in here you can archive binge on for the next few weeks.

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The Oatmeal: theoatmeal.com
Darths & Droids: darthsanddroids.net/episodes/0001.html
XKCD: xkcd.com
Order of the Stick: giantitp.com/comics/oots0001.html
Girls Next Door:

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  1. I really liked Erfworld. It's a pity that some terrbile events caused it to be discontinued. There is still an archive and it's IMO worth reading. At least the 4 finished books (chapters). It got a bit too disjointed in the last book anyway. Just be aware that the story is and will remain unfinished.

  2. Once again I find your opinion very interesting on a subject I have no real interest in, I do however share your love of free

  3. Definitely gonna check out Girls Next Door because I've read all the other ones you mentioned and loved them.
    Also, not webcomics, but a few web novels I really like
    – A Practical Guide to Evil: an utterly mind-bending exploration of morality and the interaction of cultures, set in a world where stories have power and absolutely everyone is pulling some kind of shenanigans to make the stories work out in their favor. Has by far the best cultural worldbuilding of any work I am familiar with, every nation feels like the author spent six months living there. Currently close-ish to the grand finale, with a predictable update schedule and a backlog so big it'll likely be concluded by the time a newcomer finishes.
    – The Zombie Knight Saga: A young man kills himself, and is offered the chance to come back and try to make the world a better place by a reaper of the dead. Features crazy fight scenes, hilarious humor, and several of the most heartwarming character relationships in any media I know of. Pay attention to the chapter titles, there's some great jokes mostly related to very formal and archaic ways of saying frequently very silly things. Currently on indefinite hiatus, but there's a huge archive and quite a few arcs concluded in satisfying fashion.
    – Mother of Learning: A student in a wizard's college finds himself trapped in a groundhog's day loop trying to stop the summoning of an evil god. It's a really great example of how to start with a very generic magic system and apply logic, detail, and Sanderson's laws to create a very engaging narrative intimately tied to that magic system. Fair warning, this one will get boring if well-written magic systems and interesting applications of them by clever characters are not your jam, as that comprises about 65% of the story. Concluded.
    – Super Minion: a living weapon escapes from a laboratory and attempts to pass itself off as a human with superpowers, with mixed success. Has a lot of humor, much of which comes from the very inhuman ways that the protagonist thinks and prioritizes, and from the weirdness of living in a world with superheroes. If you find it hard to get through, try skipping the first four chapters, as they're written in a rather different style than the rest of the work and you can figure out the few plot-relevant details from implications later. Pay attention to the chapter titles, there's some great jokes about the protagonist's obsession with food. Overall the least serious of my recommendations. Currently on indefinite hiatus, has a moderately long archive.

  4. I started out with lfgcomic …
    For Pony!

  5. Yeah you probably deastroyed my productivity for a long time… Also… I'm really envious you can click "random" on xkcd… I read them all… most of them more than once… 😳

  6. I need to look at digger, sounds like my kind of reading.

    Also, in no particular order :
    Kevin and kell
    Stand still stay silent (and a redtail dream)
    Dr Mcninja
    Girl Genius
    Sandra and Woo (and Gaia)
    The Wandering Inn (not a webcomic, too good to ignore anyway)
    Schlock Mercenary
    Super Normal Step

  7. If you haven't found it one way or another, Ava's Demon is absolutely fantastic in my opinion ! I participated in their Kickstarter to get a physical copy of their book and some merch, and it's so very enjoyable. I found it pretty fresh and with lots of interesting ideas for its genre !

  8. I love Digger. I reread in its entirety every year or so, just for all the feels

  9. My very first online community and arguably fandom, was a Star Trek parody comic named Sev Trek. It was set on the Sevship Enterforaprize and generally poked fun at various Star Trek tropes. It later branched out to more than just Trek of which I fondly remember the one that explained why the Fellowship didn't fly the eagles to Mordor as being that the eagles might just eat them. I got onto the website's affiliated Discussion Board, but then my brother wanted his computer so it got taken down to Sydney. The next calendar year I went to Tafe and missed a lot of classes in favour of spending ridiculous amounts of time on the library computers, reading the Sevilian board (the social board) and reading an epic length Baldur's Gate fanfic. I got back online when Mum's modest inheritance from her father paid for a computer (and a car) and spent another half a year on the Sevilian Board, before I got distracted by a player's guidebook to Baldur's Gate 2 and really got deep into the game and ended up following links on that aforementioned fanfic to a fanfic message board.

    Other than that, in more recent years I found Oglaf and a couple of others I briefly flirted around, but I really got into Oglaf because it's damn funny, and sexy, but mostly funny.

  10. Oh my god, I had forgotten about this webcomic with Jared!! Last I read, there was the ball/ dance going.

  11. FWIW, cannot recommend Wilde Life enough. Writer escapes to Podunk, rents a haunted house off of Craigslist, and that's not even close to the weirdest thing. Written in chapters with plots and characters that grow and laced with mythology from the region it is set in (Oklahoma, USA), it is a favourite.

  12. Well I would like to point out GND have a audeo version here on youtube.

  13. Late addition – Schlock Mercenary. The whole ten year run – so far – has been great. Hilarious, sarcastic, even meta in places, but keeps me laughing and sometimes overthinking and then laughing again.

  14. "Sursum Ursa" … Bear Up. facepalm Well played.

  15. I have so many webcomics to share, but it's been 5 years so you probably already know about Goblins, Girl Genius, Gunnerkrig Court, Questionable Content, Sam & Fuzzy, Something Positive, and Dumbing of Age … but I just told you anyway.

  16. Do I need to sign up to Patreon to get you to review OneOverZero?

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