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Webcomics: The 2018 Eisner Award Nominees for Best Webcomic

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00:00:28 – Introduction 00:02:52 – Sean recovers! 00:05:19 – Eisner Award nominees overview 00:23:15 – Awaiting a Wave 00:32:35 – Dispatch from a Sanctuary City 00:45:04 – Welcome to the New World 01:03:09 – The Tea Dragon Society 01:18:41 – Brothers Bond 01:39:18 – Wrap up 01:43:44 – Contact us

After a month’s hiatus — and due to an accident that Sean suffered (although he’s recovering now!) — the Two Guys are back with their latest webcomics episode. And since it’s Eisner Award season, Sean and Derek decided to discuss the nominees for this year’s Best Webcomic category. As listeners may remember, last year the guys were quite critical of the Eisner Award judges. While they finally took the long-overdue step in separating webcomics from digital comics, they nonetheless seemed to have no clear understanding of what defined a webcomic. They included webcomics in the Best Digital Comic category, and digital comics in the Best Webcomic category. This year, the judges seemed to have correctly understood the distinctions, although Sean and Derek still have questions as to the parameters and qualifications as to the choices and decision-making process. Then again, theirs may not be to wonder why, but to discuss critically the webcomics under consideration. And the guys have a fruitful discussion concerning this year’s nominees:

Awaiting a Wave, by Dale Carpenter and Nate Powell (The Weather Channel Digital) Brothers Bond, by Kevin Grevioux and Ryan Benjamin (Webtoons) Dispatch from a Sanctuary City, by Mike Dawson (The Nib) The Tea Dragon Society, by Katie O’Neill (Oni Press) Welcome to the New World, by Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan (New York Times Sunday Review)

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