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  1. Here check out my new tutorial about how to read mangatoon stories for free

  2. You have a very soothing voice

  3. Can i ask what version of webcomics this is? (´ . .̫ . `)

  4. What to do if we cant get to version 1.4.61

  5. Hello guys sadly this doesn't work anymore:( I have uploaded a new tutorial about webcomics if you haven't watch it yet you better watch it now

  6. Emmm hola :v

  7. Does hacking coins/gems in web comic might get banned le acc? Or??

  8. wla na po yong 1.4.16 na pinakita nyo po, is there any way po ba para makabasa ng free?

  9. Sayang ios ako :<<<<

  10. Excuse me paano ulit ultin e ayaw na paano ba yun

  11. Plsss enter my code it's D7W287

  12. mas malakas pa yung background music kaysa sa boses HAHAHAH

  13. This video is not clear

  14. Sweet escape po basahin mo ang gandaaaaaaa talaga😊

  15. These days, you use gems to read 😓

  16. Can I convert my coin into gems? Cause some comics Don't allow coins to unlock the chapters!! And I'm feeling like a crybaby because I can't unlock my favourite comic's chapter.🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  17. How about a gem? Coz the new update was like using gems to read the comics, and i don't want to waste my money. So I tried to install a mod version but all of that are useless. Can you make a video hacking the gems?

  18. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah same tayo ng binabasa

  19. Will this work on iphone 4s?

  20. Gumana sya nung first pero nung second ayaw nya na😣😣

  21. When I used parallel space to open webcomics app it's not showing 3 days free trial..
    3 days free trial they r providing or not ??

  22. Can you please help me to hack WeComics please ? I need more coins and Shells to read more , and it takes too long to get them also it's so expensive to buy the coin 😭

  23. Can I input the same code again? Is there any limit in using the same code?

  24. That version is not there now can u fix this problem

  25. Ur really an otaku

  26. how many times does it work?

  27. lol i dont understand😂😂

  28. Hey, How about the webtoon apps?

  29. Just use lucky patcher lol

  30. Its so easy to use. Although its so easy to hack an app like this. But if you dont wanna complicate yourself with the hacking and encodings. Use this girl's hack. ITS FREAKING LEGIT GIRL💋❤

  31. Just wait 5 minutes and your unlimited coins will be there guys this is true I get my 500 and my coins turn in to 1,000 and more just by doing that I do not make fake videos 😊 just follow the step download parallel space 64 bit😊✔

  32. What is the name of that app

  33. Thanks for sharing such an useful video, though I already applied without seeing any videos.Its actually helpful for webcomics.❤️


  35. How about Comic World

  36. An someone please write it in english😅

  37. Does this hack still work on may?

  38. just waif for 5 minutes to get the unlimited coins

  39. D po gumagana ung clone

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