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Talking about how-to make money making Webcomics, what’s going on with Webtoons and how Indie Comics may be the future of the (dying) comic book industry. How come so many Marvel and IDW creators got started in webcomics and Tumblr comics? Can YOU make a living in comics now? Originally record live.


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CLOWNFISH TV is Geek TV for the whole family! We cover Gaming, Arting and Pop Culture. On our channel you’ll find news and views on pop culture, toy unboxings and reviews, gameplay videos as well as drawing, comics and animation videos and tutorials.

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  1. i love your show it"s not like your negative people it"s that the truth hurts and people want to think, they have a chance to be the 1% that can make it!

  2. The future of comics
    I think Ethan is right

  3. Great Podcast! I think I would've enjoyed it more if the lady was talking less though.. Hmm

  4. Welp, I feel even worse about webcomics then I did after looking at my google analytics. Is there any good way to build an audience anymore? Or has that train just left the station because of a bloated market?

  5. Cool Video with great info!

    I also have drawn a new horror graphic novel that might be up your alley. It's called "Bleen". It was written by Jon Colunga. It's available online and is published through caliber comics.


    Check it out and maybe it might be something you are interested in.

  6. I love your guys and was wondering what is the name of you comic on WEBTOON along with markipliers comic. Please and thank you 😊.

  7. Danielle is the best <3

  8. ALSO – Thank you for “feeling my pain” as a liberal who is a proud supporter of ComicsGate. I am a free-speech absolutist, and I have been called both a “snowflake” and “alt-right nazi” in the same day as well.
    I get a lot of good roasting for liking comics such as MLP:FiM and Eternity Girl, AND for supporting indie projects like Jawbreakers and CyberFrog. But that’s fine. People are free to like what they like, and I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy your show so much. I don’t hate **anyone**, and I think it’s important to put our political differences aside when we are enjoying a fandom.


  9. The garbage that Mark Waid pulled with Antarctic press over Jawbreakers was some BULLSH!T. These folks are just angry that there are independent creators are becoming successful outside of the current business model. These new creations are pushing the envelope and changing how the industry works. Its an exciting time.

  10. Web Comics? Did Katie Cook (MLP:FiM) come from there? What about writers who need "artists"? How do WE get seen for artists to draw our stories?

    Sounds like the SJWs aren't satisfied with destroying print comics and animated series…

    Got a question for you Kneon: There aren't any Bil Keane (Family Circus) or Matt(?) Anderson (Marmaduke) types now that take from their own kids and do comic strips anymore?

    InuYasha! Sailor Moon! Cowboy Bebop..

    I also liked Strawberry Panic and Simoun.

  11. I find this disheartening… I was recommending Webtoons to a friend and was trying to sell him on the idea of Patreon gets covered depending on views and such. I’m still going to do webcomics, but… fuck.

  12. Oh hey, you broke 5k

  13. Thankyou, that was really informative .

  14. This stream took me to the way back machine when I had a webcomic.

    But then I got other opportunities, had kids and stopped updating. I might finish it one day.

  15. the comicsgaters never claimed to pioneer crowdfunding comics, they've known about it for years. they're just making it a more viable option than ever before for new ips

  16. Talking about web comics and no homestuck,hmmmmmmm.

  17. Thoughts on trollhunters and robobuddies video on it

  18. Gagh!!! Youtube never alerts me to your livestreams!!!

  19. Is the company you're mad at about for gaming the ad market Hiveworks/orgymania?

  20. What the name of your comic?

  21. So any good recommendations to look into/read?

  22. I try to stay in the middle myself, I grew up with a common sense to never judge a book by it's cover.

  23. You guys should name names. Assholes don't deserve anything else

  24. Yall have pretty good stories. Also I agree on many of these problems with politics but I guess because fighting over it makes good money is why the media wont stop and also so many of the people are trying to be seen as heroes and icons that they try to make others be looked down upon.

  25. I love Shadowbinders. It's actually what got me started on Tapas.

  26. This explains why gay comics are pushed on webtoons.

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