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Webcomics With Unexpected Endings – A Dub Compilation #22

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Original Comic Links (in no particular order):

(Hopefully I didn’t miss any out!)

All the posts in this video are jokes and for comedic purposes only.

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42 Bình luận

  1. 5:04 My homework trying to get to me when I sleep 😂

  2. Wzzazzzzz

  3. Ccccff

  4. The frog one is the best one I have seen ever.

  5. “Snails live forever right?”
    Yes, so stop following us

  6. 7:43 if it was a tiger shark it could get a meal and take out the trash at once

  7. I don’t think death steals souls, I think death guides souls… to their eternal rest after their time is up..

  8. 😂👌

  9. Is this why my sister asked my mom is she would still love her if she was a worm-


  11. so true 5:21

  12. 5:22
    When u forgot to cool down ur leg after walking and standing for 10 hours straight and go straight to bed

  13. 4:01 arnold is like "ooooooooooooh i knew i didnt get the gene of brains from u

    cuz u dont have any "

  14. 1:44 if you were rich you could have bought a sword to slay em

  15. 5:51 at the second part I thought his nose is his mouth lol

  16. This is a good video to eat cereal to

  17. Lol,never let your guard down😂😂
    Should i grab the guard from my school??😂

  18. 4:54 missing panel
    the guy: You have drug tho?
    shen: no

  19. Why do franks bullets look lock pi pis

  20. "Byrjer"

  21. Mount Everest have SCP that make you unconscious and kill you

  22. Some of them are wholesome

  23. "Drop the Bass!"
    Oh silly AI, you said it wrong-
    throws a fish

  24. Is that hair in it?

    Its probably mine


  25. 8:55 it’s an EA he is to dangerous

  26. Imagine having such a asshole parents that a demon cares about you 🙁

  27. 4:41 why does this look so much like me

  28. 7:40 husband inside shark belly:sike! Hehe

  29. Always that you can win a fight you never take your eyes off the opponent and sometimes you don't want to go in for the first hit sometimes you just want to stay back and wait and then maybe you will destroy

  30. 1:31 this art style reminds me of flash

  31. Guess what the sentences mean. But you don’t have to:
    🌓 8g
    🧊 8g
    👀 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕
    👶🏼 2 💀

  32. U clik bate

  33. 1:53

  34. Poor sharks

  35. 1:17
    He is most dedicated a bard

  36. 1:37 haha r34 go brr

  37. Cat : green gang4life b!cth

  38. soooooooooooooooooo good

  39. 1:27 this one is good

  40. You stole my bully avoiding tactics.

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