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Webcomics With Unexpected Endings – A Dub Compilation #30

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Original Comic Links (in no particular order):

(Hopefully I didn’t miss any out!)

All the posts in this video are jokes and for comedic purposes only.

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28 Bình luận

  1. why does the mom act like people loving a vase is worse then the n word

  2. I am one of the Humans whit no fear

  3. 0:51 mind of a philosopher

  4. 12:44
    Everyone who played undertale: PTSD intensifies

  5. the "Fwsss-" at 0:43 tho XD

  6. 3:58
    plot twist: they’re kissing the vase

  7. 9:31 Search up “orcas being bullies”

  8. 4:14 got me good

  9. At 3:58 I saw it was not a vase

  10. 8:28 My life summarized in a comic

  11. Abc

  12. the one with the perfectionist dinosaur at 8:23 is literally me

  13. 12:26 why

  14. 0:47 why is this so relatable

  15. Literally the second half of the comic from your other thumbnail

  16. Itslooklikeavasse

  17. 0:13 shoto has joined the chat

  18. According to my calculations the sword OF correcting people remind me of that sword from wakifu

  19. Yum memes

  20. I'll never know if it's ppl kissing or a vase-

  21. This thumbnail is breaking my brain

  22. 12:46

  23. I had a stroke looking at the thumbnails

  24. They're all is not funny.

  25. E

  26. I had to look at thumbnail for 10 minutes to realize that it is not actually a vase ;-;

  27. Day 3 of telling everyone to have the best day

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