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Webcomics With Unexpected Endings – A Dub Compilation #67

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Welcome to another episode of Daily Comic Memes !
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Original Comic Links (in no particular order):

(Hopefully I didn’t miss any out!)

All the posts in this video are jokes and for comedic purposes only.

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19 Bình luận

  1. 3:36 for a second and maybe it is I can't help but feel that this comic is related to a squids game

  2. 10:12 creeped me out a bit

  3. I feel everyone is referencing squid game

  4. Love this vids

  5. Well he did get a "B" coffee.

  6. You get cause… coffee and… ok you get the joke.

  7. I watch your all videos

  8. uncle maximum

  9. Nice video!

  10. 5:34
    I dont drink coffee that much but im pretty sure its not supposed to have human legs…

  11. looks at thumbnail

    Now that’s ONE BIG COFFEE.

  12. last to comment

  13. Nice

  14. 3rd to comment

  15. Good video dude

  16. Totally watched the entire video definitely not commenting straight away

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