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What is DPI for Webtoon Comics! || Webtoon Artist Rambles

I’ve always wondered about what DPI meant and even though I rambled my way through today’s episode I’m glad I finally learned what it was! But now I’m curious what this PPI is and why is it called that if it’s considered DPI?
So many question!

Also I have an ebook for any beginner webtoon comic artist that want to learn how to start a webtoon of their own but don’t know where to start. My ebook will cover all of my advice on what tools, hardware, software and traditional tools that webtoon artist use to start their webtoon~
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  1. Your my sisters friend she told me about you and your WEBTOON along time ago


  3. This is super helpful thank you

  4. Thank you so much for this!! I was completely dumbfounded with dpis and I'm so glad I found this video

  5. Thank u so much for this info <3

  6. Very interesting 🤔💛

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