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What is Jetpack for WordPress?

Have you ever wondered “What is Jetpack”? If you’ve ever run a WordPress website the chances are you’ve seen its name crop up. Jetpack is an awesome free plugin for WordPress. It can help make your WordPress site secure, make it faster, and also grow your audience. Jetpack is the work of Automattic, the same company behind WordPress itself, so you can be sure it’s reliable, well built, and will continue to be properly maintained. In this tutorial we’ll be looking at Jetpack for WordPress; its features, how you can get started with it, and why you might consider using it.

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  1. I appreciate you; thank you.

  2. Bine Adii

  3. Thank you so much for this demo. Unrelated side note: Has anyone told you before….I think you could do a good Kevin Spacey impression!

  4. So What is the best CDN for WordPress for free? Cloudflare or Jetpack?

  5. Thanks, Adi a ton, just one piece of info I need, if i am using Jetpack then no need of using wordfence, smush, wp statistics, autoptimaze? please help, I will remove all these apps as I can save a lot of space.. even public can help me 🙂

  6. Did you say this works for all my sites? Or do we have to pay for each? Thanks.

  7. Good tutorial. Thanks,

  8. Adi, thank you for this tutorial! It was very helpful!

  9. Hey Envato, Quick question. I was using Jetpack's subscription plugin for people to subscribe to my blog. www.allaboutthegrace.com
    It suddently stopped working. Is this a feature that is no longer available with Jetpack? Do you know?

  10. Found another video on YouTube – "Avoid Jetpack Plugin for WordPress – Big Privacy Problems and Other Issues". Would love to know your feedback on it. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtBsv-S-b2U

  11. Thank you very much .Simply explained !

  12. But, this is WordPress.com only right? Or can we also use the desktop software for WordPress.org?

  13. Superb Demo. Thanks man! ☺️👍

  14. Really? Is this an tuttorial about jetpack??

  15. Thank you very much. Great video 👍

  16. Thank you for explaining it!

  17. Thanks Adi – well explained, as usual.🙏

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