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What is WordPress? And How Does It Work? | Explained for Beginners

Yooooooo! Whats up guys! Today’s video is answering the question of what is WordPress and how does wordpress work. In case there’s any beginners out there that want to learn how to create a website in under 30 minutes, see below…



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  1. liked and subscribed, now give me chocolate..

  2. Beautiful! Thank you 🙂

  3. My question is, my website theme is child envolve and in my website missing theme file from theme file editor so how will be back it ??

  4. What if I already have a website? How can I use this for just the content to put it on my website?

  5. how i can contact you?

  6. Very well explained. Thanks. Easy to understand and learn.

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  8. I SUBSCRIBE – Thanks Bro. its very helptful to me your video

  9. you deserve a thumbs up and subscription, your video was quick, clean and understable continue with the content. good job .

  10. Like your honest advice…. Thanks man.

  11. best explanation I've seen, esp. .com vs .org & I've binged so many videos today 😂

  12. This was such a good tutorial. Damn.

  13. Best video ever bro

  14. Thanks a million!! You explained this with ease and clarity.

  15. Easy and straight to the point! This was the exact info I was looking for!! Thank goodness!!!!

  16. So this is an insult to programming? Abomination?

  17. Amazinggg

  18. Subscribed and liked!!

  19. Hello, I want to place video ad on my website which I got from my client for promotion, but i don't know how to place video on my website, please help me some

  20. This video is good for wordpress begginers

  21. legend

  22. Thanks budy

  23. Thanks, this really helped me to understand wordpress 🙂

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