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What Makes A Good Web Comic Sidekick?

What Makes A Good Web Comic Sidekick?

Do you love a good side kick or bff in web comics? We’re chatting about Vikki, Angela, and Bowser from Let’s Play on WEBTOONS, Vicky from The Kiss Bet, and Dylan in Age Matters in this video all about our favorite best friends in web comics.

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  1. i love all of these?

  2. My favorite sidekick is Dieter from I Love Yoo and he is also kind of controversial since he is considered to be a love interest. I really like his supportiveness and willingness to be friends with Shin Ae when she is feeling isolated or ostracized by her other friends. He is very loyal and such a good person.

  3. Pommie is so frickin adorable <3

  4. naaaah Dylan's not a love interest…. that's right, I said it, hahaha. But he is the best bff!
    (edit: aka I ship the only ship that makes sense, Rose & Daniel XD)

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