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  2. Okay so I made my first official comic (it was more of a joke and goofy read) about a week ago. the comics I make can occasionally take a darker approach at times but it’s still in a way that it’s still goofy ya know? Anyways I posted it on Webtoons and it only took like 2 days for it to get taken down! Since this happened I haven’t really known what to do with any of my other comics I’ve made because I’m scared that they are all gonna be seen as “not taken seriously” or too “dumb”. If I want to post a darker/funny comic, where can I post it at safely?

  3. My main question is "Where can i self-publish manga not comic?"

  4. Is globalcomix good?

  5. I know this video is super old, but was wondering if you can do an updated version and/or link the sites you're talking about in the description. I'm having a hard time hearing what sites you're actually talking about and can't find them on google 🙁 Thanks for the video 🙂

  6. RIP Smackjeeves.

  7. I have finished my first comic and its gets pretty graphic, where can i post comic that allows graphic content ? I cant post it on web toon or tapas cause both don’t allow graphic content

  8. who remember smackjeeve

  9. I’m wondering as to how you post the pages. Do you just save all the pages to your camera roll and then post each image on the website as one comic?

  10. when i start making comics i will use traditional art but i made a web comic as a sneak peak for a animation im working on

  11. Can you guys please do a video of when AND how to start a patreon/ crowd source a project?
    Pretty please?

  12. which one is the best that i should upload my webcomics?

  13. What art program are you using?

  14. Your voice is so cute it hurts >w<

  15. I have some questions about webtoon. Can you just post stuff on there or do you have to go through them the same way you can word with a publisher? I have a comic/manga that I want to post on there. But I want to know what the rules are.

  16. Hi. I know im 2 years late to this video but I saw the comment by Marighoul about Multimedia comics and I was wondering what would be the best website to use for those types of webcomics?

  17. But I wan moneh

  18. I will warn you… If you post on Webtoons most of your audience will be kids, and they don't take hiatuses well.

  19. have a real site thats your own, and use all the webcomics sites to start and link to your main site.

  20. your character almost looks like midoriya from my hero academia

  21. How often are Comics stolen?

  22. I would like to suggest The Duck Webcomics (it used to be called The Drunk Duck). They are an excellent webcomics hosting site.

  23. Saturday A.M?

  24. sorry im a noob can you please tell me what art software they use? i usually see this in other youtube art stuff

  25. Your voice is so calming🤗

  26. I always pronounce tapastic like Tap-a-stick. its the only way i remember its name.

  27. "where all the BL comics were"
    I now stan you and your work.

  28. I still remember keenspotXD

  29. I'm glad I flagged this one! Good advice!

  30. What about posting it on YouTube?

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