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Where should you go to get your comic books and graphic novels printed? Should you go with offset printing or print on demand? Let’s look into some comic book printers! Links below.

Print Ninja –
Mixam –

Alterna Printing Partnership –

Ka-Blam –

Amazon / Createspace –
Ingram Spark –

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CLOWNFISH TV covers Gaming, Animation, Drawing and Pop Culture. On our channel you’ll find news and views on pop culture, toy unboxings and reviews, gameplay videos as well as drawing, comics and animation videos and tutorials.

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  1. OOOOOOH MYYYY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! I MEAN I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WERE JUST KIDDING WHEN YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO DO THIS STUFF! I was so ready to quit Clownfish TV! THANK YOU KEEP IT UP! Just do a couple a month and i'm good!

  2. We can always discuss Youtube sponoship… 🦎

  3. I'm late to the game! Sorry that it seems Alterna stopping printing. Have any new similar printers sprung up in the last 2 years? Also, when getting a UPCI barcode, there seem to be 1000 online options. What's the best place to go to? THX!

  4. It really sucks that Alterna discontinued their print services

  5. Ok so I’m on the print ninja thing how do you give them the pages of your manga so they can print it like the words and stuff I don’t see an option to give the pages so they know what to print inside …

  6. Excellent presentation; quite useful info. Now I'll look to see if you have an update. Thank you.

  7. Don't your time with this crap just to Lulu.

  8. Alterna Comics have changed a lot since then.

  9. Thank you for this. Very helpful

  10. I'm trying to make my own comics and produce my work

  11. You should check out Morris Publishing https://www.morrispublishing.com/comic-book-publishing/

  12. Can you setup a shop online and make it so you can sell your books as print on demand, like you were selling a T-shirt, through Print Ninja?

  13. You sound like swagger souls

  14. Do I have to get approval from the comic code authority to print and sell my comic book creations

  15. I've used KaBlam so far for my comic books and they came out great, but the big issue is they take forever to print. Once you place an order you have to wait about a month for the books to arrive, which is tough cause you really have to plan ahead if you need the books for any kind of event (I did). I'm about to print my 3rd issue and I'm going to try switching printing companies because I just don't want to wait that long to have the books.

  16. sir can you help me i am writer
    if yes then reply

  17. What about printing artbooks?

  18. Thats amazing you guys gotten them to do comics/manga's! c: I never heard of Print Ninja, also first time finding your channel. ^ ^ Thanks for this video, looking forward to giving this a try, but probably on other stuff like cards or board games? Idk yet. ^ ^" I'm still trying to figure out on what to do with my books/comics, thinking of doing amazon for it but maybe I will use this instead? Anyways this was a good video and helpful! c:

  19. This so amazing . Thank you so much! I have been looking for this information. You definitely have a subscriber.

  20. I looked into ninja print and it’s gonna run me $2800+ for 250 so still looking

  21. "YeS"

  22. Can you make a video on how to transfer comics by hand to the computer for editing ?!?!?

  23. Can you guys make a video on how to publish them or is this one in the same ?

  24. Probably THE MOST HELPFUL video I've watched all day ! Cant wait to put this knowledge to use !!!!!!!

  25. Hey guys! I work at PrintNinja. Thanks for the huge shoutout! One of my clients told me about your video. SUBBED!

  26. MIXAM IS HORRIBLE! Their website is buggy. I spent two days with their customer service trying to figure out the bleed proportions for the cover because their website kept cropping my image on their end. And if you want a custom spine on a hardcover book.. forget about it!

  27. I am relatively new to your channel… I did not know you did comics and stuff I subscribed because of your commentary on Disney's antics. Very cool to see you have other things I am interested in on your channel. I used to do mini-comics back in the 80's that I traded with a network of other mini comic creators. Wish I had been able to figure out in the early days how to do online comics, I still can't wrap my head around web site creation. Maybe you guys can expound on how to go about having comics online these days?

  28. Thanks! I'm not looking to make a comic, but book of prints to sell on etsy and I had /no/ idea how to do that or how to start. This was insanely helpful.

  29. https://www.grekoprinting-comixwellspring.com/ out of Detroit. Great work.

  30. That’s not low at .50? You can get that maxim 1000 books for 468 which is 46 cents a piece

  31. I have my comic series, but it’s like a homemade comic that’s made with paper pencils and markers. Could I still print them?

  32. wonder about the Europe how they treat that as anything shipped to eu (Sweden is extra bad about it) its instantly confiscated

  33. We are working on our first book right now. This video is a HUGE help! Thanks so much!

  34. Hello
    I recently created my first comic I am looking for a print on demand service but I am unsure which one I should go with due to my lack of knowledge. My comic is 24 pages and it online here is the link: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/micro-wars/list?title_no=288747&fbclid=IwAR1mUGKyrSgr12GEZ-CiouS6J8qgE35vumQt5rtWeFac1XjqMDbl5agYdKU
    any suggestion would be helpful thank you

  35. I draw one too, the story and the art is good and okay, but…about the money and stuff…what should i do 😧

  36. 1 dislike


  37. Ohmygosh thank you guys <33 I've been looking for places to print my stuff and this is SUPER helpful <3

  38. I had considered Ka-Blam and Print Ninja, but had been hearing bad reviews lately for both. Which concerned me. Some real horror stories. They're pricing was also high compared to the company I went with. I will check out Mixam for my next book. I printed with Comix Well Spring, and was very please with what I got.

  39. We really need more videos like this. Where to print, and cover things like setting up proper margins, paper type, etc etc. There's so little content out there talking about printing the best product, it really makes or breaks a book

  40. I know it's not your area of expertise, but how applicable would your printing advice be for creating/printing a card game?

  41. There's also Greko Printing/Comix Well Spring.


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