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Which Digital Art Pen/Screen Tablet Is BEST For Drawing Comics & Manga

How’s it going, everyone? In today’s video, we will be discussing everything you need to know about digital art tablets! By the end of this video, you will understand the difference between PEN TABLETS, GRAPHIC/SCREEN TABLETS, AND MOBILE SCREEN TABLETS!

Let’s face it, while drawing art traditionally has its merits, the art industry is moving towards a digital age. Some comic/manga publishers REQUIRE you to submit DIGITAL ART using Software like Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Fire Alpaca, Medibang, and Krita!

We will analyze which specs and features you WANT in your Digital Art Tablet without breaking the bank! We will be looking at brands like Wacom, XP-Pen, Huion, and Gaomon! Hopefully, this video be useful for when it is time for you to upgrade from traditional pen and paper art to digital art!

0:00 Introduction
0:40 The 3 Types of Digital Art Tablets
0:55 Pen Tablets
0:56 What Is Pen Pressure Sensitivity?
2:17 What Is Screen Resolution LPI?
2:40 Art Tablets for Lefties
3:04 What To Expect From A Stylus
3:30 What Are Artist Smudge Guard Gloves?
4:15 Pen Tablet Workflow
4:46 Graphic/Screen Tablets
5:18 Screen Tablet Vs Pen Tablet
5:30 Screen Tablet Workflow
6:14 “Mobile Screen Tablets”
6:27 “Mobile” Screen Tablet Workflow
6:52 Why Are They “Mobile?”
7:30 Layer Limits
7:42 RECAP 1: Price Range
7:57 RECAP 2: Functionality
8:19 RECAP 3: Efficiency
8:33 Closing Thoughts





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1) How To Write RELATABLE Characters In YOUR Comics/Manga

2) 5 Tips For Improving CHARACTER DIALOGUE In YOUR Comics/Manga

3) How To Write SCRIPTS For Your Comics & Manga

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  1. One very important good thing and sometimes even hobby/career saving thing is that when you use a pen tablet you are way more likely to keep up an good posture etc and thus less demanding on your body it is to actually draw. Pen tablet is much easier on your neck, wrists and to your back.

    With screen tablets those issues are way more common

    Its already quite a trend to see young and old artists with severe neck, wrists and back pains….. And that aint good

    Keep in mind usually hobbyist or career artist wants to create art, work etc for decades… Any way to make sure that happens is a road worth taking in my opinnion.

    Oh and i am so glad that i found this channel… Quality content THANK YOU

  2. I just stumbled upon your video and I’m glad I did cause I started writing my own book. I want to make it a manga but I’m not good at drawling lol, but my question to you for a manga format what would be the best to start off with then progressively upgrade too. You probably said it in the video but I’m a lil slow at understanding these concepts of technology even tho I’m very young😭

  3. your channel is super useful

  4. I noticed that since switching from pen tablets to display pen for 100 usd used.

  5. Oh I use iPad Air 2013

  6. Remember me when u get famous plz

  7. I wish to add Arabic to translation ❤🥺

  8. I've been Reaserching for 2 months and finally decided to buy the wacom intuos small with Bluetooth which comes with a free 2 years licence for clip studio paint pro

  9. I'm currently using an XP-Pen artist 12 pro, and I've been wanting to upgrade to the artist 15 pro, problem is it's pricey as hell, and I'm already contemplating to revert back to a screenless tablet and get a display monitor instead (that is bigger than 15 inches) for about the same price

  10. If I want to be a manga artist. Would an iPad Pro be fine to work with.
    Cuz I want to focus on finding and honing my artstyle for my possible manga

  11. XiaominPad5? Is it good for beginners?

  12. I’m ambidextrous but I usually draw with my left hand so I should either spend a year or two maybe more drawing with my right hand or just find an ambidextrous drawing pad. I’ll probably find an ambidextrous tablet XD

  13. I have been using a wacom intuos s and I have felt like I want to make a comic, but I am not very confidant in my abilities as a writer, and I am not very shure people will like how it looks, got anny tips that can help?

  14. no matter how good your equpment is your skills what matter

  15. Thank you so much

    your video, it's better than all the other videos I watched

    I just decided to buy pen tablet

    because 6:00 "the artist is more important than the tool"

  16. how do you set up shortcut ?

  17. Thank you for this, Monitor Comics! I feel like this helps me differentiate which tablet I should start with.

  18. Bro I've watched like 8 vids in one day here and I've learned SO much, really keep it up dude you're like a hidden diamond

  19. Is it still possible to create my manga with my ipad using procreate? I've written about 2 chapters of it

  20. dude, i’ve been binging these videos about how to make manga the best, i have the skills to draw digitally and create stories but even though i feel like i have potential, i have no idea where i would even publish my manga/comic (but mostly in the style of manga) i’ve thought about webtoon but i was wondering if there’s anything better than that where it would get noticed? thanks for always uploading too 🙂

  21. There was a bit of video in your ads

  22. Me: finds all the information helpful

    Also me: Has no money and has zero digital art skills

    Nice video, if I ever do decide to take the plunge and learn how to draw digitally I will definitely come back to this 🙂

  23. remember me when you famous bro

  24. I wad currently looking for a new phone and a digital art tablet. Thank you

  25. Great video bro I enjoyed it 😎🔥🔥🔥

  26. I was just looking into this too 😀

  27. Love the vid 😎

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