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WordPress 5.9 Big Update & Big Changes, Almost Too Much

WordPress 5.9 is coming out next week, and it brings with it huge changes that you want to make sure you are prepared for.

Table Of Contents
00:00:00 It’s Coming
00:00:53 Patterns And Photos
00:02:07 Block Interface Improvements
00:02:19 Less Jumpy
00:02:36 List View
00:04:04 No More Paragraphs
00:05:49 Full Site Editing
00:11:13 Real Talk
00:12:45 Better Way Forward
00:16:09 Nothing For Page Builder Users

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49 Bình luận

  1. Fully agree. The normal customizer is more friendly than FSE and lot of people like it. However, you are missing the performance point. The FSE is much faster than Page Builder and load faster.
    Thanks for the video.

  2. Why are so many using WordPress?

    It seems super bad when there is just a small chance for your whole site to break just of an update?! This must not be a problem in 2022!

  3. Massively helpful!

  4. Massively helpful!

  5. I don't wanna lose the Customizer! And I love Gutenberg, don't get me wrong, the Classic Editor sucks so much. But don't take away my Customizer!

  6. Thank you so much for your user friendly speak to a non-techie. Aargh!!! I'm not looking forward to this. I'm in Oz so I guess they are taking it slower here because I haven't noticed a whole lot of difference so far. And I'm rebuilding all my four sites from scratch which I started at the beginning of this year.
    I'd really love to see a list of all the block-friendly themes please. You said about 35 of them? That leaves a lot of them out in the cold. All my sites will be built around the main one which is WooCommerce. I must say its a big challenge moving everything to block editing. Thanks for your vid again. 🙂

  7. Really enjoying the new 5.9 update for Taskade's blog!

  8. I love it FOR ME . . . because it satisfies my crave for touching buttons and play with new software, but I already got three calls from clients feeling overwhelmed. I also wonder, is the long-term plan to eradicate theme and page builders? One of the things that still have me hanging on to WP is that I can install whatever the heck I want. If WordPress is going to head into the direction of so many other web builders out there, then what's the point of keeping it.

  9. Thank you. I taught myself WP on my iPad over LD. now considering a laptop in hope to make my new direction in hosting and design easier . What spec would you advise please . And screen size options . I know you’re not too excited of this update but it seems to be more user friendly to new views like myself . I’m sure you’ll get into it soon enough . Take care

  10. How has it been now that it has been out for four weeks?

  11. You forgot to mention the Payment Element included in 5.9

  12. I wanted to comment on your Rocky poster; same one that I have!

  13. Hi, if half way through building my website, I want to redo everything from scratch. How can I refresh it? Thank you.

  14. What alternatives to work are there

  15. I would rather code my theme from scratch then using this approach that will be so much faster for me.

  16. I think the moves WordPress is making with the block builder are great. Their goal is for users to build their entire themes within WordPress without coding or using third-party tools. They have to step up their game because of Editor X and Webflow.

  17. Presently use Thrive Themes so the FS editing is similar to Thrives Theme Builder. The advantage with that is possibly that it is easy to switch between the two. Is this the case with FS editing?

  18. "Almost"… I think more like Definitely.

  19. The user need to understand HTML DOM structure and semantics, those are to what new features are aimed. Knowing and understanding that are not so difficult.

  20. I have started using WordPress 5.9. I am seeing that Editor is not under Appearances on my site. It has Customise as usual. I use Kadence theme. Just wondering why?

  21. Why is this not called WordPress 6.0?

  22. Hey, can you please explain about the BROOKLYN theme? can it be customized using elementor? waiting for your feedback!

  23. They took away outlines on buttons. Now my quiz buttons all mesh together. What's wrong with these people?

  24. I'd like to ask for clarification on the full site editing feature. Does this mean that a theme that is not block-based will lose the customizer? That's the message I took from this video, especially with the phrase, "whether you like it or not". I was doing a bit more reading on this, and while no one is saying anything about this specifically, the general feeling I'm getting is that the customizer will still be available for themes that cannot use the full site editor. I'm holding off on allowing my sites to update until I get confirmation that the customizer will still be available for non block based themes.

  25. Do you have any opinions on the FSE based Cwicly theme? It looks to be a powerhouse.

  26. Great video, Adam…thanks for working so hard to show us what's new. It's annoying to me that they are finally coming close to getting the Gutenberg block editor into a somewhat usable state, and now are jumping off into this full-site editing, which would be great until you see how poorly they have done it.

    The new full-site editing stuff (along with the "universal" fonts and colors thing) is so weak and unintuitive compared to what Kadence Blocks is doing and compared to what Elementor has been doing for a long time.

    My first impression of WP 5.9 is a feeling of nausea.

  27. When the the tutorial guy needs to watch a tutorial…

  28. I think I'll wait until this FSE is a bit more mature and incorporates a lot of (negative) user feedback.

  29. I dropped my shopping cart and went to blogging, no worries and more content. I like this 5.9

  30. So this is going to break my site that still uses the classic editor right.. lol

  31. I'm a developer and crying about something so unimportant like the customizer just hurts my ears, nobody is taking it away from you you can use it with old themes forever but you cannot expect developer to put thousands of lines of old code into a new project which aims to replace garbage with modern UI.

  32. It is a good thing for WP to keep the focus on the blocks/block editor and site editor etc. Hopefully this will keep getting better and better.
    – A huge pro for people who don't want to use another page editor and those who want to build a "minimalistic" website.
    Are page builders going away anytime soon? NO

    The well-established page builders have much more control and versatility for web designers, most of them have also incorporated workflows and conditional logic, which aren't yet part of Gutenberg (or just more difficult to find and use)

    So for someone who is just starting now, maybe learning this new WP 5.9 ins and outs would make more sense than learning Elementor – for example – since the logic and how things work are going to be more or less the same.
    But for someone who is already experienced with building websites, this new way might be a distraction – at least in the short run, till it matures.

  33. How difficult do you expect/predict it will be moving from twenty twenty-one to 5.9 and twenty twenty- two?

  34. I can't change my home page on wordpress 5.9

    This is beyond frustrating

  35. how do we add a code to integrate the online store to a delivery app like DD or Postmates?

  36. thank you wordpress for the autoupdate for security reasons! Crashed so badly, full of bugs, guess what? their own paid site is not updated, I wonder why? Give some warning before doing an auto-update! And the bugs are totally idiotic, some basic testing would have caught them.

  37. They need a revert to the last wordpress until this one can be vetted and worked through…

  38. Needs to do a bit more homework! Universal type themes can have both customizer and editor. Plugins that need customizer, still get that & if you want customizer with block themes you can do that too. Check Anne McCarthy's channel to get more useful info

  39. How can active gutenbert editor in woocommerce with this version wp?

  40. its not a wordpress update its a gutemberg (aka shitemberg) update

  41. As a dev who writes custom themes day in and day out, I was quite curious about the new Block Themes architecture. It seems powerful, but (as everything has been with Gutenberg/Block Editor) overly complex and not intuitive whatsoever. Clearly the WordPress devs are jazzed about languages like React and JSX, and they are trying to shoehorn those layers into a PHP-focused platform. The end result feels fractured and messy. All that PHP you've been using works…until it doesn't. Custom blocks? You need to write them almost entirely in Javascript. Block patterns? PHP using inline JSON-syntax for styles. New block templates? HTML comments! It just makes you shake your head as you flip between languages and gain so little end-user benefit on the other side, especially when Page Builders have provided a great roadmap on how to build out these features without incorporating these new technologies just for the sake of incorporating them.

    SO…there must be a reason they are doing it this way? My theory: WP is going to abstract itself out to a Headless CMS that plays the best with React, but that could be years and years from now. Until then, we're going to constantly be stuck with "two worlds of WordPress"; the old guard PHP foundation, and the new Jamstack-like features that keep getting layered on top.

  42. Wonder why Disable Gutenberg and Classic Editor are the most popular plugin on wordpress?

  43. Thank you Adam for a very good review summary. It’s helped me!

  44. As I predicted, WordPress slowely becomes like Elementor and now with full-site editing it literally starts to look the same (templates and these areas even have the same names as in Elementor). I guess in the long run that mean all popoular site-builders like Elementor will become obsolete. That's actually great.

  45. I think showing the different ways some popular themes implemented a workaround for FSE exactly proves the point why we do need a site editing standard, which WordPress introduced just now. It's not a good user experience at all in my opinion if every theme or page builder plugin creates their way of doing things with different terminology and so on. Super confusing IMO. I think the best we can do for WordPress is to advocate for a common way of doing things. That's the reason why I think Full Site Editing is a great move into the right direction. Everything else is very confusing for users.

  46. 5.9 is giving problems to me on updating and publishing posts

  47. they're trying to do all this with php tech, and the standard web hosts cannot keep up and do so much processing.

  48. Thanks! Exactly the video I was looking for! 👏🏻

  49. Will the customizer only disappear when using one of the new block themes? Also I received an email prompt that my site has been updated to 5.9 about a minute after watching this video. 😂

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