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WordPress 5.9 Is Out | Should You Update Or Not? 🤷‍♂️

WordPress 5.9 is out now! It is a major update, so the question is: Should you update? In this video I will update multiple websites without a webshop, with a webshop, different page builders, plugins, etc.) and see what will happen. Of course, I update all my websites before I did the update.

You can do that probably through your Webhosting provider if it is not already doing that automatically, or you can use plugins like All In One WP Migration and WP Vivid.

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Ferdy Korpershoek

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  1. I didn't get an answer to the question about whether we should update.

  2. My main website is a Frankenstein monster of plugins and patches. I don't think ill update…i don't want to be homeless.

  3. Why are so many using WordPress?
    It seems super bad when there is just a small chance for your whole site to break just of an update?! This must not be a problem in 2022!

  4. DAAAMN that video just cost 20 dollars, i'm scared, youtube it's defetenely not a amateur plataform, cool off I'm just kidding

  5. Thanks for the tip.. but mind does show "editor" menu… I updated 5.9…. any tips? thanks

  6. Thanks for the video Ferdy!

  7. As ever, thank you SO much, Ferdy!

  8. i cant post after update , i take a backup in my hosting , i don't know what the reason

  9. Thanks a lot Ferry, I have noticed that the Learndash Addons are not working with 5.9… As I am learning with your Learndash tutorial… Do you know how can I solve this problem? Thanks a lot!

  10. Hi Ferdy,

    I usually wait for a about a week before I update, but is it better to wait longer with this new version since it's a big one?

    If so, how long do you recommend?

  11. Galleries broke!!!! Had to roll back.

  12. I just updated mine and my site is broke… smh

  13. I am having a problem after upgrading to WP 5.9. I wanted to change my header design a bit so I had to edit the Elementor template, but every time I tried to do it, a screen with " a critical error has occurred" written on it, pops up.

  14. I can't believe you ask such a provocative question. This show is crazy 🤪 😳

  15. Any one can tell me about please

  16. O Man I didn't do my backup now what should I do 😪😪

  17. Thank You, for this video.

  18. Thanks you Ferdy the great updates

  19. Thankyou for the nice video ❤💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  20. "Of course, I update all my websites before I did the update." I wonder what he's even trying to say?

  21. Hi Ferdy, thanks for the great content, please advise; for somebody completely new, can you advise how they must start with 5.9?

  22. i love your videos!!!❤❤❤

  23. Thank you! God Bless you, Ferdy!

  24. I wonder when are all these companies going to STOP changing and competing AT ANY COST against each other. They are confusing the H!*#! out of us. They can't stop changing things around … As if we had nothing else to do but sit around and wait to be bombarded with more changes !!!. IS really pathetic. ! they should learn from Microsoft ( the changes/improvements are organised and released in a sequence that can be digested ).

    I hope "Sharepoint" (with its own web interface) takes over all of these 'Web page builders./themes/plug-ins" and all of this ridiculous nonsense. I'm sure I speak for million of us that are fed with all of this nonsense !!!

    Shame on you !

  25. You are THE BEST !!!

  26. Ik was net een video aan het kijken van jou over de astra white labeling en het viel mij op dat jouw microfoon daar veel beter stond afgesteld vind ik. Veel minder ruis en noice gate was anders

  27. It's not working for me.. I revert to my previous backup and my website still didn't function as usual

  28. Thanks for this video! 👏🏻

  29. conclusion if everything is working after update: 6:32 Thank me later 🙂

  30. Do not update yet, white screen is waiting for you xD

  31. Thanks Ferdy!

  32. Thank you Ferdy

  33. Hi Ferdy,
    I watch almost all your videos and find them perfect and educational.
    I have the following when I edit a page and save it then you can go to the menu bar via the hamburger icon go back to the dashboard when I click on that I arrive at an editor and have to click on the WordPress icon there to to go back to the dashboard. How can you adjust this so that you go straight back to the dashboard. I see it works in your videos.

  34. it update to 5.9 without our knowledge, it is not controlled by hosting nor is set in wp files, this happened to two of our sites and we are investigating.

    Our bad we found that for some reason the manager kit defaulted to update min & maj which should not have been

  35. Just updated. Everything is fine on my side.

  36. Hello ferdy
    Can u make a video what they add In each updaute for the last three virsion. They ask me this questions in interviews but I think my answer is not what they want and thanks about your helpful video

  37. Mega menu plugins stopped Working in v 5.9

  38. My site showing me a crtical error after 5.9 update what shoud I do fr that one

  39. Ferdy.. what are your thoughts on using astra or Kadence since WordPress updated Gutenberg? Plus they are faster than Elementor.

  40. very good

  41. My client's hosting company updated to WP5.9 and it wrecked their Elementor Pro site…navigation has a weird dropdown; and the hotspots feature doesn't work. Anyone else having issues? Thanks for the vid Ferdy.

  42. Thanks for the update however the recording is blurred when you display your site for WP Migration

  43. Thanks for doing this Ferdy. I've been stressing until now. Also an Elementor user.

  44. Great advise on the backup! Looking at the rest of your vid now 🙂

  45. Thank you Ferdi, always great videos!!! I have a problem, I used your recommendation for backing up my site (All in one WP migration), and it did it great, one file everything 1,30 Gb. I try to imported in a testing WordPress site on my own NAS and I got this message: Your file exceeds the maximum upload size for this site: 1 GB
    How-to: Increase maximum upload file size or Get unlimited (you have to pay 60€). I tried different free plugins but it only go up to 1 Gb. Any help? Maybe a different backup plugin? Thanks a lot. All the best

  46. This update is quite useless if you use for example Elementor and a theme like Astra. It seems that WordPress is getting into a competition with other vendors. But I would also like to see a light version without an enhanced page builder. I will wait 2 – 4 weeks upfdating WP to 5.9. After this I can be sure to be far safer than now. It is not worth the risk doing it now.

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