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WordPress 5.9 Just Dropped And It Has FULL SITE EDITING!

Are you ready for WordPress 5.9? Well, if you’re ready or not, it’s here! Full site editing is finally here in WordPress Gutenberg. Is Gutenberg going to compete with page builders now? Could be. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!
Video Table of Contents
00:00 WordPress 5.9 Changes Overview
01:29 Full Site Editing
02:29 Editing the header in WordPress 5.9
03:54 Using the new Navigation Block
11:55 How to edit the footer
14:35 Where to create custom templates blocks
17:40 New editor styling
19:14 Finding editor-compatible themes
20:42 New gallery block options

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25 Bình luận

  1. You should mention that if you are using a pagebuilder and you need to find the "Front Page" settings, they were moved to Settings > Reading

  2. Thanks for the good tutorials. When I create a page how do I connect new pages to a template page?

  3. The FSE is not easy as Page Builder but it is always good to have bother option. FSE seems targeted the Pro but has advantages on performance/Load which one youtuber has demonstrated.
    Thanks for you great videos.

  4. I wish I could get your free courses 😢😢💔

  5. This is the most detailed wordpress tutorial. Great Job Sir.

  6. any idea how to add google analytics to the wordpress site without using plugins now that the theme editor is changed?

  7. I'm still using Classic editor, but you are giving me hope I can jump in to the 21st century. Thanks.

  8. This is such a great video, thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For the first time, I think I understand how I'm going to redo my website with fse.

  9. Thank you very much: Liked and Subscribed.

  10. WP Newbie here, v5.9.1
    I'm trying to center my header image. Most of the advice is based on older versions. Found your vid for 5.9, but the Appearance tab doesn't look like mine at all. Mine still has a bunch of options: Themes, Customize, Widgets Menus, Header, Background, and Theme File Editor. How do I get the Editor?

  11. I've never used WordPress before, so I got this latest version and installed it on my Raspberry Pi server just to have a play with. It's very confusing but interesting too.

  12. It does not say "editor" under "appearance" for me? what gives ):

  13. I hope there is still a customizer available for those who don't want to use this rubbish

  14. I hate wordpress so much, I can't express it in words. It really deserves an award for the most badly written piece of software in history. It's 2022 and they are stilling trying to figure out how to develop a web page.

  15. Hi. How can I add social link either facebook or instagram link below the main menu? Thank you

  16. I'm still a fan of Classic Editor

  17. Another feature for dumbs nobody asked for. WP is going downhill since Gutenberg onward.

  18. Potentially great, substantially not ready yet. The FSE breaks every block added by plugins because it is impossible to load multiple CSS/JS files with it. So basically now you can only use it with plugins that add zero blocks. How smart…

  19. How about WordPress Elementor?

  20. It's Clunky.

  21. I was confused by TwentyTwentyTwo, but now I get it. This is awesome! Thank you!

  22. Two days ago I bought SiteGround services for creating an ecommerce website. Previously I had built two web pages using the now unavailable design from WordPress.
    The 5.9 addition is a piece of garbage.
    Endless hours of attempting to make a simple landing page and the logo wont even show up on the header.
    Completely useless for my needs.
    Editing is not accepted, photos and definitions give no option to delete and the top of the header comes out of the gate blurry with sentences garbled on top of each other
    Despite hours of following 5.9 training videos and reading the Wordprss site our Logo wont even post on the header.
    This is strictly for use of advanced web designers.
    All it does for a novice is drives their ecommerce business into the abyss.

  23. I wish they would branch off a pro dev/design version of WP and leave this sort of stuff to bloggers and the polydactyl cat fan websites! It's adding lots a "features" that I don't want and that actually make building and maintaining real world client sites harder every day. Just the footer widgets block editor is a pain in the arse, it's poorly thought out, awkward to work with when doing anything other than the most basic editing – I have to manually disable it on every site! It's not surprising "Classic Editor" is installed on "5+ million" websites….. I'll stick with my page builder for the foreseeable future!

  24. feature has been there for sometime now. we could do it even in 5.8

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