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WordPress Blog with Elementor Full Tutorial for 2020 – A Customizable Personal Blog

My WordPress Blog Tutorial for 2020. With the methods that I am showing you in this video you can create a wordpress blog without having to customize a theme.

The resources page for this video:

Timestamps for the video
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:12 Overview of what we are going to build
00:01:21 What makes this technique better
00:03:55 Understanding what you are going to build
00:06:09 Installing WordPress & Basic setup
00:14:15 Activating Elementor & Elementor Pro
00:17:08 Prepare our visual styles
00:25:05 Building the header & menu with a template
00:41:06 The blogpost list
00:53:25 The sidebar
01:11:19 The category page
01:13:58 The blogpost page
01:21:01 The footer (with Instagram connection)
01:26:53 A few more details (Home page settings & Site icon)
01:29:29 The featured posts & Bonus step (blogpost list layout)
01:33:51 Email subscribe form
01:35:49 The contact page

→ Software that I use
Hosting & Domain provider I use on all my websites:
Elementor Pro – WordPress Best Pagebuilder
Adobe Xd:
The whole list of software that I recommend:

→ Gear that I use to create videos
Macbook Pro M1 14 inch:
Camera: Lumix GH5:
Microphone: Shure MV7:
Chair & Sit/stand Desk:
Video editing software:

→ Helpful for beginner
How to Install Elementor and WordPress. Watch:
Elementor Beginners Tutorial. Watch:

→ My social media
Instagram Livingwithpixels:
Personal Instagram:

Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means that I earn a commission when you make a purchase via my link. Thanks a lot if you decide to do that! I couldn’t make all these videos without it.

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22 Bình luận

  1. I have a problem. Could you help me? when I save this, such as 1:20:30, the design of the webpage didn't change as you did. How I can change the design dashboard>post> all pages

  2. was really excited about this, and even upgrade my site to premium, to discover I would have to pay another £200 for plugins and extra for elementor, 😭 so have to abandon this and work out another way to update my site

  3. This is excellent, I need help revamping my WordPress website thank you

  4. Thank you brother. Made it through the whole tutorial. Took me a while but it was great help

  5. What happens to the pro plugins once the subscription is up and you decided to go back to free? Do they get disabled?

  6. Can I see your fitness blog design but in a full image?

  7. Oh man, i'm so sad. I build my first blog using the materials in this video, back in 2020 i think. Now in 2022, i applied the very same steps, however the only piece missing is the "featured blocks.json"
    I can import the file, but i can't insert it because it gives an error "try again later". Maybe the current elementor versions are not 100% compatible.Everything else works fine, but i really miss those awesome featured blocks.
    If you ever read this comment and care to give me a tip, i would be greateful!

  8. Love what you do. Keep it up! And now my inevitable question — as I don't have your files (I guess they're all taken down since you made this), what was your bg header image width? Every time I try to insert a full-width image (with content width at full-width and image set to "full"), I get margin all around, which I had to adjust for. But yours didn't. How did it fill the space perfectly. Thx!

  9. Can you make 2022 version of this tutorial without any templates? (if you got time) It was easy making exact same page with the templates, but I am having trouble making my own site without templates. Aligning the logo and menu button(hamburger) on mobile screen somehow doesn't work well 🙁 It makes two lines instead of one

  10. unfortunately I can´t import the files 🙁

  11. How to build fixed navbar in Elementor ?

  12. thank u so much..

  13. you r the best

  14. When I tried to import the menu, I was told that an error occurred. Please what should I do?

  15. I'm working on the featured blocks portion and when I add it, the post widget section is not showing. Is this because I'm using a newer version of Elementor?

  16. A walk-through video where all the instuctions, components, and outcome all worked out.

  17. Another video that keeps future WordPress developers dreams alive. Great job.

  18. How do you set up a font that is not on google fonts?

  19. All of the json files in the drop box won't upload to to my elementor template library. It keeps saying "An error occurred. Please try again." I'm so bummed! Help!

  20. Thank you !!!!! Thanks for explaining it so clearly. I am writing to you from Spain and I must tell you that your tutorial has been very useful. Greetings from Madrid!! I stay subscribed to your channel.

  21. Rino – Add me to the chorus of Youtubers praising the excellence of your Elementor tutorial. It was easy to follow and you did an excellent job pointing out some of the gotchas that can happen e.g. using the Navigator function when one is overwhelmed by the complexity of section.

    I wanted to point out a problem that I ran into with the healthyblog home columns.json file. When I attempt to install it into my template library I receive the following error message: 'An Error Occurred – Please try again. Okay" As helpful as ever, I downloaded the file to both a mac and a windows 10 machine in case the file had been corrupted in the download. Please take a look at this perhaps the file has been corrupted some how.

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