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WordPress Featured Image Tutorial

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In this lesson we learn how to register new “image sizes” which specify the size and aspect ratio of the image that WordPress should automatically generate.

To view a complete list of the WordPress lessons in sequential order visit:

Link to download .zip of theme files as shown in this video (note: this is not a “complete” WordPress theme yet and this download is only intended for educational purposes to dissect and review):

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  2. Please Give the code for featured image section in comment box or discription.

  3. Is newspeper theme is good for AdSense available mi ch download

  4. I'm having trouble, how do i make it so that the featured image only shows up on the "Posts" page and not show up on the actual article when you open it? I just want the image on the article title when scrolling through different posts. I don't want the featured image in the article itself. can someone help me?

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  6. You don't need all that complicated code to make the text pop away from the image. Do float-left on the div around the post thumbnail and add padding. It's as simple as that. Happy coding.

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  21. Thank you very much for the video tutorial. I am using the free version of Hueman (https://wordpress.org/themes/hueman/) theme (in my site main content column layout set to 3 columns (2 sidebars)). In here (in this post: https://docs.presscustomizr.com/article/249-what-are-the-default-image-sizes-used-in-the-hueman-theme) are the default image sizes used in the Hueman theme. I configured the theme so that posts are displayed as post lists whith a standard list layout (small thumbnail on the lest: height (in pixels) 320, width (in pixels) 320). Since all the posts on the site are photo galleries, I don't like this design. I want to leave a standard sheet, but I want the featured images of posts to be larger, that is, I want to resize the displayed thumbnails (preferably height (in pixels) 340, width (in pixels) 720). How should I to do it ?

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