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Learn how to use WordPress from start to finish in this free WordPress tutorial for beginners. It is the only WordPress beginner’s guide you’ll ever need. WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems (CMS) available. It’s versatile, constantly updated, and totally free. You can use it to create simple blogs, large complex websites, and anything in between. Learning how to use WordPress without any prior experience can be difficult, but after completing this WordPress tutorial, you’ll be completely comfortable with installing WordPress, adding new content, customizing WordPress themes, using WordPress plugins, and managing existing blogs or websites.

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Learn How to Use WordPress
If you’re just getting started, learn how to use WordPress in our complete guide:

Once your site is up and running, learn how to install and configure free plugins for backup, security, caching, and SEO in our courses:
• Essential WordPress Plugins
• WordPress Secure Setup Guide

If you’re setting up an eCommerce site, check out A Beginner’s Guide to Using WooCommerce:

0:00 Welcome to the Course

2. The Basics
01:39 1. What Is WordPress?
09:20 2.Installing WordPress Locally
19:52 3.Installing WordPress on a Live Server
29:47 4. Getting Familiar With the WordPress Dashboard

3. Content Management
34:24 5. WordPress Pages vs. Posts
49:32 6. A Quick WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial
59:47 7. Uploading and Organizing Media
1:09:18 8. Managing WordPress Comments
1:18:31 9. Working With WordPress Sidebars and Widgets
1:24:44 10. Building and Maintaining Menus

4. Customization, Plugins, and Settings
1:30:26 11. Using the WordPress Customizer
1:39:28 12. Working With Themes
1:52:52 13. Working With Plugins
1:58:06 14. Adding and Managing Users
2:04:06 15. How to Move a WordPress Site
2:11:13 16. Customizing WordPress via Settings

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  3. The way he presents is itself something to learn. Great work!!

  4. Much appreciated your training.

  5. The best teachers I have ever seen. Thank you!

  6. The course seems great. But the inability to stop for a break causes the whole video to start over again. You cant pick up where you left off. You cant go back 10 seconds to pick up a detail you missed. I'm now forced to re-watch an hour or more material, to finish the two plus hour video. I'm moving on to other free courses, perhaps with poorer teachers, based on this tremendous inconvenience.

  7. Hello sir, for everytime I go to open web start page from MAMP I can't the feature call MY Website any help please I got stock there 😓😓😓😓😓

  8. OOPS… I download the MAMP app and install it, run it but only the Appach is running Mysql is not running.

  9. Adrian, you are a great guy, well articulated course, at the right pace .

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  11. I subscribed if I have a hosting company and I plug in WordPress is this plug in gonna be free?

  12. Thank you Sir. God bless you

  13. I installed mamp as well as this video but why not show me " My website"

  14. Great tutorial. Please can I get your personal YouTube channel so I subscribe I want to learn more from you. Thank you

  15. I'm brand new to WordPress with no instruction – this tutorial was perfect for me and I have already started adding to and updating our company website. Thank you!

  16. thank you! very useful 🙂

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  20. Amazing , thanks 🙏

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