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WordPress.org VS WordPress.com: The Confusing Differences Explained!

If your confused about WordPress.org and WordPress.com i dont blame you. It can be really confusing for first time users so in this video, ill help clear it up!

Video On How To Install WordPress.org:

My personal recommendation: I would defenitly go with WordPress.org, its easier, and you have alot more control and customization over your WordPress website.

WordPress tutorials:

As always, party on.

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Darrel Wilson

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  1. Im back! I got this question alot in the facebook group and like all of you, i made the same mistake 🙂 How this video clears everything up!

  2. Can a person use a domain name with TDL ".com" with WordPress.org?

  3. In fact, this two versions cause too much confusion. So, your tutorial hits the point. Thank you very much.

  4. oh yeah, keep up the good work! I love it!

  5. Thank you for this

    Darrel Wilson, I was confused on which one to use for me and for the client's website builds!

  6. so happy you made this video Darrel thanks so much. Please also wish to ask how can one get the 73% discount on name hero hosting?

  7. Waiting for next tutorials 🔥

  8. Nice video! I wanted to make a video about this to next week haha

  9. Thanks Darrel, helpful as usual

  10. It's great to hear you're back……

  11. I thought there was a crucial difference in terms of copyright and/or site ownership with org versus com?

  12. Great explanation

  13. OMG I had to learn the hard way THANK YOU Darrel can’t wit till next video 🥰

  14. I need help with converting a wp restaurant website into an app. Any help?

  15. I appreciate your hard work

  16. Darrel I love you!! I’m not gay tho😂😂😂😂

  17. Nice Keep It up bro

  18. Darrel 🔥

  19. Hello Darrell how to convert wordpress website to Android app for free

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