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WordPress Plugin Development: Gutenberg Blocks, React & More

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This video assumes you’re already familiar with WordPress and how how to install a local dev environment. If you aren’t familiar with that yet I suggest watching another one of my videos first:

0:00:00 Intro
0:02:56 Overview
0:16:32 Our First Plugin
0:27:12 Settings Page
0:42:11 Settings API
1:02:02 Settings Form
1:22:01 Word Count
1:41:57 Localization
2:02:12 JavaScript Intro
2:21:57 JSX & Workflow
2:41:43 Block Attributes
3:01:42 Block Output
3:24:01 Pros & Cons of Custom Post Types

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  1. I got my first wordpress dev job 5 years ago because of you and your wordpress custom theme Playlist.

  2. Hello i am looking for wordpress developer for my ecommerce site

  3. Great WordPress Plugin Development Tutorial in entire YouTube, thanks a lot. And Your Udemy Advanced WP Course is amazing. Please make one tutorial about add more custom field option in custom PostType.

  4. Thanks for your great tutorial.

  5. Instead of calling the main file in your plugin "index.php", it should be the name of your plugin. So in Brad's case, it would be "are-you-paying-attention.php".

  6. Very cool. Why don't you make a booking hotel website by using react and wordpress

  7. I'm not seeing your coupon code for the course.

  8. Cool 😎 you also love cats

  9. Hey everyone. Is it only me, or there isn't any discount coupon in the description?

  10. Hey Brad, you are king👏👏👏 Very useful tutorial thank you.
    But I have a problem, I think hide link in post my blog. After comment and then show url / link (guests and login users) How can I do it?? 🤔🙄
    Help 😊🙏

  11. Still following this course. I feel this is pushing me forward well.

  12. I just tried purchasing your course. When I clicked on your link, I was offered it for $11.95, but I had no option to add to cart, so I logged in. Immediately, the price changed to $23.99??

  13. Where is the link to download the code ? Thanks 🙏

  14. Excellent video …. : – )

  15. This guy is a great teacher. I'm 59 and came into coding only over the last few years and his style suites me. He doesn't rush it, goes at a pace that anyone can keep up to (which helps you retain more), and he covers a ton of material. If you want to know all you need to to be a WordPress developer, I highly recommend you purchase his Udemy course. While I know a ton more now than I did when I first purchased his course, I constantly return to is as a reference. And, since he's always updating it — like with these three new chapters — it'll never (knock on wood) go out of date. This is one Udemy purchase for which I have no regrets. And you won't either!

  16. Great Lesson, one of the best. Quick question though. How did you know your plugin would take 5 arguments? Is that the usual rule, or did you already think in advance how this function would work?

  17. Nice video, still watching..

    For clarity, classes are not the correct way to prevent name – function or class name etc collisions. That is what namespaces are for. They should be preferred over classes for such purpose.

  18. Thank you very much your video always very helpful and save me out of trouble, but this one have you project file I don't see a git link on your description would you share to us and can I have it for this video ?

    Thank you very much savior :))

  19. Hi, thank you for the awesome quality. Could you please share the files you made if it's not too much to ask? I find it difficult to follow the code across many scrolling screens. Thank you!

  20. awesoooooooome thank you

  21. very nice – thank you.

    What the global wordpress community nees is some introduction in the topics

    Full Site Editing
    Block based design

    could you come up with some of these !?

    Keep up the great work – keep it up – it rocks.
    WordPress is a global community of friends

  22. Thanks for the great work you are the best

  23. +LearnWebCode Is it possible to follow this tutorial without having built the theme? For my job I was asked to build several plugins and as I like your courses and your way of teaching very much I would like to follow this course but only for the plugins, which I will test on my personal site. The idea would be to build the plugins alone and then import them to my site.

  24. You Are The BEST

  25. Holy Moly, I just found out that I purchased this course over a year ago and had completely forgotten about it. yay for me!

  26. One of the reviews in your course mentions that he wishes he had bought a different course that had been created recently instead of yours, which was updated in 2019.
    As far as as the plugin development portion, and javascript, are there possibly a lot of outdated ways of doing things in your course, compared to the current convention of how to do gutenberg blocks/plugins now ?

  27. You sound like Ron Howard…I love it!

    Amazing lessons too! 😁

  28. I've started plugin development, I haven't reached even middle of the video and understood much of the things. Please receive a tight hugs and hell lot of respect. Hats off. Amazing.

  29. Coupon is expired 🙁

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