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WordPress – Tutorial for Beginners in 13 MINUTES! [ 2021 Updated ]

Realize your first website or blog with this WordPress 2021 tutorial lasting just 13 minutes!! Getting started, basics. 🔥MORE at
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Realize your first website or blog with this WordPress 2021 tutorial lasting just 13 minutes!! Getting started, basics.

Examples on where to get DOMAINS:

Trustful Host Providers for SERVERS:

***How to Install WordPress on your own*** [for expert users only!!]
👩‍💻 [MAC]
👨‍💻 [local install]

If you prefer writing with the new Block Editor, check it here:

Get hints on how to build your Privacy Policy page:
✅ privacypolicygenerator.info

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Website Domains & Servers
01:40 WordPress.com and .org
01:58 WordPress Installation
03:33 WordPress Dashboard
03:55 Updates & Settings
04:40 Website Theme
07:51 Make Posts [Classic Editor]
08:47 Post Options
09:25 Add Media & Special
10:03 HTML code view
10:16 Posts List
10:44 Website Pages
11:37 Create a Menu
12:13 WordPress Plugins

At least one third of the worldwide websites are made with WordPress: with this you can realize your own site or blog without huge coding, thanks to its automated scripts based on PHP and MySQL. In this super-short tutorial we will see everything you need to know to realize your very first site – assuming that you have already linked your website online with domain name and server. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. question my WordPress website says coming soon and i need to know on how to start to launch my website

  2. Thx a million!!! Excellent tutorial!!!❤

  3. Is it just my connection or is the image extremely blurry to the point that I can't even read it?

  4. Incredibly helpful, thanks!

  5. This is an amazing tutorial. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Years ago, WP used to be free. I had about 5 or 6 blogs on WP at that time. I shut down my blogs because I had many lifestyle changes. But now, I'd like to start blogging again. WP is COMPLETELY different, now.

    1. Is still free, or must I pay?
    2. Should use my old account, or start a new one?
    3. Since WP is so different now, please share some recommended videos/websites to educate myself and catch up.

  7. Is this up to date? I can't find "site identity" which is a large part of the tutorial.

  8. Wow, thanks for letting us know the privacy policy is mandatory. Watching this saved me from getting in trouble.

  9. Seems like Greek. I'm not a techie


    Libraries/Visual coding/OOP are a total game changer!

  11. Thank you very much for this very informative video. I would like to know if you know of a plugin that allows you to send an email to your customers reminding them of the products they have saved in their wishlist and informing them when they go on sale. Thanks a lot

  12. If this is for beginners, I must need diapers and a binky.

    I downloaded the wordpress.org files, and read the instructions several times. They may as well be in Japanese for all the sense they make to me.

  13. Just go to Weedborn if you want to improve your health.

  14. A great resource, thanks. I wish it had been around years ago 🙂

  15. I’ve had this for about a year-it’s expiring-I’ve had a blog for years yet this WordPress is SO confusing and frustrating! Possibly I just don’t have the patients to learn this!!

  16. Why am not getting these type of editor when i click add new page

  17. Great tutorial! looking forward to seeing more WordPress tutorials. Thanks.

  18. I'm going crazy half the stuff you are doing I am doing and it's just not working! I went to site identify and site title and wrote in tagline and site title and puiblished and there's literally nothing happening.

  19. Thanks for this video it's helped me to develop …

    And I learnt so many things from this .

    This video also not time consuming like others.

    I like The audio quality

    Jazakallah khair

  20. Are the posts and blogs the same thing?

  21. Can you tell me which wordpress theme is used in this tutorial? And is it free?

  22. Can I use WordPress for creating ecom websites?

  23. Thank you sir for this precise, informative, and easy to follow video.

  24. If you install WordPress through hostgator will you be able to use plugins for free?

  25. Is this the same if you use the wordpress.com website version as well?

  26. Thank you for this.

  27. This is our very first tutorial dedicated on how to make a website. Leave feedback if you liked or disliked the video, we appreciate your opinion 😀

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