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WordPress – Tutorial for Beginners in 15 MINUTES! [ 2022 COMPLETE ]

Learn how to make a website or blog with this WordPress tutorial (2022) lasting just 15 minutes!! Getting started, basics. 🔥MORE at
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Learn how to make a website or blog with this WordPress tutorial (2022) lasting just 15 minutes!! Getting started, basics.

Examples on where to get DOMAINS:

Trustful Host Providers for SERVERS:
✅ Hostinger: (official website*)
👉A2 Hosting:

***How to Install WordPress on your own*** [for expert users only!!]
👩‍💻 [MAC]
👨‍💻 [local install]

Learn more about all the blocks inside the Block Editor:

If you prefer writing with the old Classic Editor, check it here:

Get hints on how to build your Privacy Policy page:
✅ privacypolicygenerator.info

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00:00 Introduction
00:46 Website Servers and Domains
01:58 WordPress.com vs .org
02:37 WordPress.org Installation
03:27 Log In to WordPress
03:47 WordPress Dashboard
04:02 Preview Website
04:13 Website Theme
06:43 Write a Post [Block Editor]
08:17 Select vs Edit Mode, List View
08:40 Editing Blocks
10:34 Post Options
10:52 Save and Publish Post
11:07 Manage Posts
11:21 Categories
12:02 Website Pages
12:22 Create a Menu
12:58 Install Plugins [Classic Editor]
13:24 Install Widgets
13:41 Website Settings
14:06 [EXTRA] Privacy Policy Page

One third of the total websites online are made with WordPress. This interface, based on PHP and MySQL languages, allows any beginner to advanced user to realize a complete and modern website without any effort or coding manually. In just 15 minutes you are going to see everything you need to use WordPress! Enjoy!

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  1. I'm 90 seconds in and I already don't understand most of the terms he's using….

  2. it looks NOTHIING like the wordpress I installed

  3. what the hell are you using as a browser ????

  4. thank you so much, I was having trouble accessing the wp admin panel

  5. Interesting ♨now 😀🤘🏼

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